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    Default The two week wait

    Hi Everyone - sorry long rant here

    So I had my darling son 5 months ago. My husband and I decided on me not going back on the pill as it made it difficult when I got off it when TTC #1. We decided to chart my cycle (became an expert since #1) and use a condom on the 'fertile' days

    So I had my temps, CM and a little Ovuplan microscope to map this all out. I am not BF so AF came back quite quickly. I have been doing this for 4 months however this month I checked my temp and scope and it came back all clear plus this was day 19 of my cycle so should have been a good day in theory - we did the BD and I thought all was good. However the next day I got a huge amount of EWCM and my temp went right up. This means it appears we DTD on the day before ovulation - a very fertile day.

    Now since then my temp has been higher than normal (normally 36.5-36.7 am now 37.3 - 37.5) and i have had to get up every night at 2am to pee (something I never did before or after I was pregnant - seriously I was a fortress)

    Whats worse is I now have these funny feeling stinging/tugging pain in my C-section scar. Did anyone have these pains out of nowhere and have it not be pregnancy?

    I am so scared because while we did want another baby we decided together that it would be when Thomas is at least 1 and i was told to wait at least 6 months before getting pregnant again and I have not been taking my folic acid - I know this is stupid but did not think was neccessary.

    I fear my hubby will secretly assume I did it on purpose not to mention everyone else, financially we are trying to buy another car and possibly our first home (we live with my mum) this is all based on the fact I was going full time next year.

    Also I had such a hard time being PG with #1 I am scared I am not ready to do it again and what if my Csetion site is not healed and that is why it is hurting....I feel terrible to be posting such a thing since there are so many women on here who are struggling with TTC (especially since I was one of them not long ago)

    I will take a test but i was 11 DPO with #1 and got a false negative so I want to be at least 14 DPO so I know for sure either way but the wait is killing me. I am hoping these symptoms are just in my head and I am a hypochondriac but I dont know...

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    Hope that things work out the way you want. I was in this sort of situation a month ago when my DS was 5 months. I didn't have a c sect, but I was convinced that I was pregnant because I was having same symptoms as #1 pregnancy. But turned out to be negative. while you wait it out. I know how frustrating it can be and how guilty you feel for those having a hard time TTC

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    Hi there

    I had DS 14 months ago via c section and I did feel tugging pulling and random aches and pains at the site for months after. I have googled and spoke to a lot of c section ladies and my OB from the sound of it, this is normal. My OB said it can take up to a year for everything to go back to 'normal' even then you can be left with a numb sensation in the area.

    On a side note my brother had his gall bladder out at about the same time and experienced similar tugging sensations at his scar site.

    All that said, I found out I was *ahem* 25 weeks pregnant which means I had fallen pregnant when DS was 5 mo. I put symptoms like tiredness down to coping with current baby, breast tenderness down to him biting while breastfeeding, sore back down to me lugging him around and my stubborn weight which wasn't budging down to Xmas.

    But one night while I was watching TV it decided to start MOVING and I was certain and very very freaked out!

    Did the home tests but couldn't figure out of the line was real or I was in denial so I got a digital test which are AWESOME BTW no is it isn't it just a a digital 'pregnant'

    I felt and still feel a lot of guilt over being pregnant, we are in the same position, semi need new car and saving for a house. I feel like OH is blaming me for mini pill failing, and I found out so late, which he can't believe I didn't know earlier even though I pointed out there is a whole TV show called 'I didn't know I was pregnant'

    When I told my dad he said 'don't worry about the money, you can never have enough when you start your family. But so long as you are a loving and kind family, you can find your way with very little and you're more likely to appreciate the journey'

    I felt a bit better but selfish me still wishes I was in my 6 inch heels and not maternity leggings!!

    Hugs to you and if you need to, you can PM me!!

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    hi sorry to hear of the situation you are in atm.
    I just wanted to let you know i definatelly had some stinging/pulling pains near my caeser scar site very very early on, im talking a couple weeks after conception. it only lasted a couple days if that. I dont know why it hurt, google didnt seem to provide any answers either.
    I hope everything turns out the way to intend it to.


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