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    Yep we used cell sense to store DD's stem cells 7 years ago. They have changed hands now and are called something else I think. We paid in the region of $3500 in 2 installments. There are now more options regarding payment than there were 7 years ago...apparently you can pay by monthly installments with some which I think is a great idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GothChick View Post
    Yep we used cell sense to store DD's stem cells 7 years ago. They have changed hands now and are called something else I think. We paid in the region of $3500 in 2 installments. There are now more options regarding payment than there were 7 years ago...apparently you can pay by monthly installments with some which I think is a great idea.
    We used biocell but they've now merged into cellsense.
    We banked our 2 bub's cord blood and it was $3300 each from memory.
    It's a great idea

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    We went with Cryo-Save International as we were living in Europe at the time. We will use them again if we can.

    They are a Private Bank so my baby's stem cells can only ever be used by him or a direct family member. This is important to be sure of, check the contract before signing up to make sure.

    Good luck!

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    I really wanted to do this but we were told by the hospital that they didn't allow collection for private storage, only public donation.

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    We decided to do this with DD. we were both working and had enough money at the time..... but now I am a SAHM our household income has halved and we def can't afford it again (TTC number 2 )
    At the time my 26 year old SIL had just been diagnosed with bowel cancer and my aunty died of leukemia so we were very aware of how beneficial it may be in the future. We were happy with our decision.

    Until the birth. The lady who came to collect the cord blood was so bloody chirpy and I had just had 24 hours of contractions and was on my way for an emergency c section after a failed induction. I wanted to hit her. She arrived at the worst time and it wasn't her fault. I know it's nothing in the big scheme of things ie if DD got sick I'm still glad we did it. But it does/ may involve a stranger being part of your birth experience which may be something you weigh up in your decision.
    Sometimes the hospital staff can collect it but my hospital didn't offer this so this chirpy lady had to come

    Having said my little story, I still am happy we did it. Its important insurance.
    Would prob do it again if we could afford it
    Also I believe the cost has come down recently, to under $3000? Which is what we paid 2.5 years ago.

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    Default Cord Blood Storage-Cryosite

    My husband and I in the end went with Cryosite after months of researching and took all the factors into account, including Australian representative, TGA approval and all that. Although the price was higher than other, it didn't effect our decision.
    However everything went wrong after we paid the deposit, $700. Below incidences occurred chronologically as addressed
    1, apparently, within a day, there is no refund and cooling period after you paid for it
    1.1 They took the money immediately, although I found out my pregnancy was a bit early to make such commitment, I contacted them within the same day but they replied the day after, and indicated the payment has been proceeded, the kit has been dispatched, hence there is no refund.
    1.2 Anyway since we were settled our mind with Cryosite, we made the peace with it

    2, There is minimum blood needed to be collected for the function,
    2.1 However they told us in the contract that the under size blood can be still stored due to Cryosite high tech and ability, but they don't tell us, it is pointless to store undersize blood
    2.2 On the due day, the collector came and took the blood, and clearly stated to my husband that she had a good harvest although the amount / size was not clearly indicate. Doesn't the collector should know the correct amount to collect, why she lied to us when the blood was undersized?
    2.3 The blood was in the kit and was collected 1 day later

    3, Few days later we received a letter that indicated the blood was tested and undersized. Also attached with invoice with 1 month payment period.
    3.1 Then we waited for the test result, however it never came
    3.2 Then we paid the balance when the month was only couple days left
    3.3 Two days later after we paid the balance, we received a letter addressed the blood was contaminated with 2 vital virus, however the blood is stored after the testing
    3.4 We investigate and followed up further with email a day later, however their response from 2days, than a week, contact people kept changing. they called us, than we called or returned the call and again, days later they return the call. back and forth for more than a week, we couldn't still get to talk to a person for the issue. we didn't expect the service dropped this much after we paid. they responded within a day before I paid, but after I paid, (lets say) started from 2days (that was because I followed up and push for the answers)
    3.5 After the investigation, the blood was not useable. However the point was two days after they collected the blood when they sent out the mail of indicating the blood was undersized, they had the test result of 2 vital virus but they didn't tell us the result in the mail. they waited until we paid the balance which was almost a month later.

    So almost 3 months later, we realized and learned
    1, The collector and company would say anything to give you a fake sense of security in order to secure you as the client (coz there are no much information in the market and people are not aware of the service yet) to start the payment process and the final balance payment
    2, we paid over $3000 for a completed nothing,
    3, we expected, the Australian rep, the service and all the positive news on the media, would take place to resolve the problem, but when the problem did occur, we couldn't see those above taken any effect, completely usuless
    4, Due to the current market, there is no competition for them, so media is onesided, or I should say they had media favouring them.

    My husband and I are young professionals, and so we understand problems could occur at any sales and purchase activities. But what we are looking for is the post-sales attitude and service. In this case, we are very disappointed to say that this company is providing nothing but disappointment and unethical medical process

    In the end, we got only the storage fee refunded (which is less than 1/3) and discarded blood.


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