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    Quote Originally Posted by MsMummy View Post
    I don't think they should be sleeping with parents that they personally teach.

    I don't know; it's like sleeping with colleagues in that there is potential for conflict.

    Do schools have policies about it?
    I'm a teacher and never heard of a policy regarding dating parents.

    But eww... ! I keep the two very separate...personal life and work!
    However like someone said if a teacher was to meet someone outside of school who happened to be the father of a student...well **** happens and u roll with it...and try to be as professional as possible considering the child's feelings.. Definitely refrain from all contact on school premises with that parent...

    As for dating many... Each to their own... I wouldn't do it but many others do have several casual flings...in all work, so why would teachers be any different...:/ ...but dating several school dads is gross tho...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theboys&me View Post
    I am a single teacher and I have slept with a number of men... And I guess I'd hope others weren't so judgmental

    OP considering I'm in that exact position where really I am on the dating scene ... I know single mother & a teacher ... That has sex outside of a relationship (shame on me).

    Personally I would never have a relationship or sex with any parent in my class. However if I was to meet someone socially outside of school - say at a BBQ or a pub ... And their child happened to go to my school. I'd be fine with it. Because at the end if the day I'm a professional.

    I've taught a few of my friends kids and they have never received any kind of special treatment. Even call me by my first name outside of school but not when at school. There's a strict teacher student line drawn and I don't see an issue.
    This thread is from a comment of mine. It was taken the wrong way.

    Let me break down my feelings.

    A single teacher hooking up with casual randoms after nights out, or who have a few FWBs on the go? I don't have a problem with that.

    A single teacher hooking up with multiple parents from that school for casual hook ups? I would request that teacher not be in charge of my child.

    A single parent hooking up with random casuals or with a few FWBs on the go? Not an issue, I don't care.

    A single person hooking up casually with multiple teachers at that school? I would distance myself from that person and consider changing my child's school.

    A single teacher entering a relationship with a single parent? Good luck to them, I wish them all the happiness in the world together!

    I hope that makes it clearer.


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