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    Default "Breastfeeding bump" question

    So one of my friends is 28 weeks along now, and wants to BF. She's going to lactation classes and wants me to come with her as the classes are on during the days when her hubby can't get off work until later.

    She got sent these pamphlets and a mini-book on reasons why women choose to BF and why some women choose not to, and we flipped through them. They were lovely, said there was no shame in being unable to BF and had numbers to call to talk to someone about switching to formula. Really nice!

    Anyway, it said that all BFing women go through a period in the first few weeks where BFing become incredibly painful, the baby has trouble latching, milk is slow starting and never enough, nipples bleed, scab, chafe and may even get infected, and it becomes too painful for some women to continue.
    however, it said this is called the 'Breastfeeding Bump', and may only last for a few hours, or days at the most, and if you push through the pain, it'll soon fix up.

    Now, when I had DD, I hadn't let any milk down yet, and there was only a tiny drip of colostrum, not enough for her. The lactation nurse insisted I keep going, and visited every hour to make sure I wasn't, in her words, "being a coward".
    In the second day, my nipples were bleeding and I was in such agony that I begged them for heavy painkillers; I couldn't sleep or eat, cool and warm packs had no effects, I was sweating in pain. The nurse told me it didn't hurt that much and to just get over it or my baby would get sick.
    On the start of the third day, the day before I went home, DH bought formula and DD ate for the first time.
    It was simply too agonising for me, the pain was so bad that I became dizzy and was going to pass out when we tried latching on the second night.

    I know now my lactation nurse was a harassing bully and now I wouldn't have any trouble reporting her to the hospital, but back then I was so confused by the pain and by DD's screaming that I just did whatever she told me to do.

    Is this 'breastfeeding bump' thing true? Does it only persist for a day or two?

    Has anyone here experienced it?

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    I had what I guess would be called that...
    It lasted 2 days and was definitely hard to deal with. One of my nipples was cracked and bled a bit, I tried to pump rather than feed on it which was difficult as I was tandem feeding twins. BF is something I really wanted to do so I persisted and it settled down.
    This was when they were just over a week old.
    I had been expressing for 2 weeks prior to my induction date and had a good store of colostrum but my milk still didn't come in until day 4. I had no problems with latching though.

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    With dd1, we didn't BF right, the situation was horrible and I gave up due to being on medication, conflicting information regarding it etc. dd2, nothing, straight forward breastfeeding, fine no pain no nothing, dd3 didn't feed within the first hour and yeah we had a 'breastfeeding hump' 2 or 3 days later after she grazed a nipple it was all fine and cleared up. But I knew how to deal with it because of dd1...

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    day 1 - screaming baby wanted to be fed every 40mins and I was exhausted from 30hr labour. I cried and wanted to sleep. DH told me to harden up and I was Bfing. Middie offered formula so I could sleep for a couple of hours. DH said
    "no thanks his baby was not being fed any crap" (his words). My MIL who is a nurse got me lanisoh for my nipples and said it sucks but you'll be fine.
    Day 2- screaming baby wanted to be fed every hour... still exhausted but new middie showed me different holds. saw that DD couldnt latch quite so well thats why was pulling off and tired. Paed on day one missed the tongue tie. Paed fixed said tongue tie on day 2.
    day 3- milk in - boobs exploded and baby fed. nipples red/raw. One cracked and bleeding. Beaut middie from day 2 showed me how to lie down and feed so I could get some rest whilst she watched me feed.
    Day 4- nipples healing well - baby feeding 1.5-2hrs.
    Day 5 - new middie showed me how to feed in a reclining manner so that I didnt choke the baby.
    Day 6 - agreed to leave the hospy. baby feeding hourly during the day and 2-3hrly at night. lots of wee/poo nappies. all well.

    Day 10- still painful to feed as nipples sore but once bub latched on all good.

    weaned at 20mths old. yes there was a bump but after that was wonderful. thank you DH for telling me to harden up. OP - please tell your friend that if you say you want to bf and are having issues - hospys will let you stay longer. I flatly refused to leave and ended up being there 6 whole days.

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    I was thinking the same as missy mack. The fact your nipples were bleeding means your bub wasn't attached properly. This could have been solved with the right help but, sadly, help isn't readily available in Aust for every new mother.

    It took me a while to get the latch correct and for DS and I to get used to bfing.

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    I'm not sure if I would call it a bump but there is definitely a steep learning curve for both you and your baby in the first few days of breast feeding. It's not the only steep learning curve (another big one is when they start solids, or start to move around, or start the "terrible 2's) but BFing is probably the biggest & earliest one at a time when your confidence as a new mother is at its lowest.

    Day 1 & 2 I didn't find too bad, latch was ok and only caused a bit of grazing. Feeding was frequent and I was exhausted after a 3 day labour and emergency c section, but did manage to get a bit of sleep.
    Day 3 was awful as bubs just was so unsettled and wouldn't sleep. I was offered formula in hospital but declined, middie did help and take bubs for a while so I could rest.
    Day 4 I was so glad to be able to go home and to my own bed. Again bubs was very unsettled and we ended up doing a midnight dash to the shops for a bottle and formula. He had 2 small bottles overnight, and we all managed some sleep.
    Day 5 my milk came in, feeding started to settled down to every 3-4 hours.

    I was very lucky and didn't experience too much pain or nipple damage. I rubbed lots of breast milk on my nipples, let them get as much air as possible and also used gel pads from the fridge.

    I think I was also very lucky with the midwife support that I got.

    When I started to BF my opinion was that I would give it a go and see what happened. I didn't put too much pressure on myself, and I think that really helped me to be successful. Now I absolutely love feeding my DS and I am so glad that I have been able to continue for the last 7 months and hope to go much longer.


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