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    Question Can someone please help me on this i am pulling my hair out!

    Hi everyone i am really stuck on this question. Im not sure why this question is even included in this unit. I have answered every thing else but this is the one im struggling in. Im not sure how i should be wording it or better yet not sure what i should even be writing about or where i am able to find the answers.

    can anyone help me please? thanks

    You are employed by the government department in your state/ territory that handles family and community matters. You have been asked to review the department’s Code of Conduct and Ethics. Conduct further research and prepare a statement that defines what conflicts of interest means to insert into the department’s Code of Conduct. Upload your answer for assessment.

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    A conflict of interest is when there is a real conflict or a potential for you (general you) to be seen as having a bias or lack of impartiality.

    For example if you are working for a child protection department you may be friends or a family member of one of the people you are asked to investigate. This would be a real and obvious conflict of interest which you would have to disclose to your supervisors and you would be removed from that case.A potential conflict for which you may be removed from a case is if you have heard rumors about the person being investigated which you may or may not be influenced by but which someone could argue makes you biased. Your supervisor in this example may or may not remove you from a case.

    Conflict of interest may also be if you were on a board of management overseeing a not for profit organization and you have an interest in a business or other organization which is tendering for the same project. You would have to disclose this interest to the board and they may ask you to resign if the conflict is significant or they may just stop you from making decisions about that particular project.

    In my line of work an obvious conflict is when I have advised one party and then the other comes to me and wants my advice About the same matter. I could not advise this second party because I have information about them and the first party which may influence the advice that I would give them.

    Have a look at a few government departments websites and they will define conflict of interest in their codes.


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