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    Default 8yo daughter incontient during day only

    We are currently waiting for a possible diagnosis of Aspergers for my 8yo daughter, although she has an average to above average iq.

    She has always had sensory issues and is sensory seeking for touch, amongst other things. She was toilet trained at 2-3 and night trained not long after. But from 4 she regressed during the day, in that she often wet or leaked into her knickers both with urine and faeces (she's never had accidents at night). More recently it has been getting worse for her: she's now just outright incontinent. We've had to resign to putting her into nighttime nappies during the day, as you can notice the smell on her underpants and the wet patches where she has been sitting otherwise.

    We have taken her to numerous paediatricians about this, but none have been able to help even remotely solve the problem. I am sensing that it may be partly psychological and partly physiological (her social issues do cause her stress when the others reject her).

    Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, how did you go about resolving it, and did it get resolved?

    Apart from being embarrassing for her, it's very frustrating for us.

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    *hugs* my first guess would be anxiety. is she afraid of the toilet itself that u have noticed?

    my son(asd) 7yrs is terrified of the flushing, and wont go to the toilet on his own, he finds the location of it, down the hall around the corner, to be scary, and gave himself a UTI from holding on so much just do he didnt have to go.

    its not uncommon for asd kids to see a psych for behavioural and anxiety probs, that would be my first step if i was in your position. sometimes things get discovered in therapy you would never ever think of, and we as parents cant always extract the true essence of the prob ourselves.

    poor bubba and poor mumma i hope you can find a sollution

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    I started trying to get help for my DD5 when she was 2yo and it took until nearly 6yo until we finally saw someone. It was different with her because she was never successful controlling her bowel, but fully TTed for urine. She never soiled at night however.

    In her situation, she never knew when to go and didn't know how to. An Occupational Therapist suggested discrete meals (five - breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner) with no snacks in between to make it more noticeable. We did this for a few months and it helped train her.

    Now she'll have an accident about once a fortnight instead of twice a day.

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