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    Default 17 days late and still negative???

    Ok I'm now 17 days late and I have done many pregnancy test and still all neg I had a blood test done and that came back neg but I would have only been maybe only 5 days pregnant my last period was on the 12th of feb and I have a 26 day cycle I took a ovulation test on the 19th and I'm ovulating if I had my period that would be my last fertile day and I took one tonight and I'm still ovulating and still neg hpt does anyone have any advice for me I don't know what to do should I wait till next week till I get a new blood test or would it be right to take one now? Thank you in advance if u have any help I will keep updating

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    I had this issue at the start of my pregnacy. First off sperm can stay in your system for up to 7 days and also you dont actually get the pregnacy hormone showing up in your blood till your about 2 weeks pregnant. So dont stress u could either be just pregnant or ur about to produce the pregnany hormone. Just sit back take your mind of it and relax. Plus you might be stressed with other things.

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    Not sure if you know how OPK's work so I'll explain. A second line doesn't equal a positive for the surge. The line needs to be as dark and thick as the control. We have LH in our bodies most of the month and you will get the faint line all the way thru your cycle, or most women do. Mine tend to progessively get darker until the 2nd line is as dark and thick as the control. That is the surge and it means you will ovulate between 12-24 hours later.

    As to a lack of period, I doubt you are pg. After 17 days late she should have got the BFP by now. Blood tests can show as early as 6 days after ovulation.

    One cause may be what's known as a corpus luteum cyst. The follicle grows your egg then when your LH levels get high enough they surge and the follicle lets the egg go for ovulation. Sometimes it turns into a cyst, causing your body to not produce progesterone to bring on your period. It's nothing serious, not like a cyst we think of and it's actually very common.
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