I think a lot of men are "fixers" rather than "feelers" or "talkers". All we want is someone to feel what we feel and go through this with us, but some men just can't. My DH tends to throw me all these "fixing" suggestions and recommendations, eg. the stats said this, you can't change it, it's not the end of the world, blah blah (everything that I knew already), when all I wanted was someone to hug me or hold my hands when I cried, and say you poor thing, it's so sad isn't it. I kind of likened my husband being a bystander when I ran the race, when I wanted a team mate to do the relay when I stumbled or was down trodden.

I'm grateful for the support I received from a great group of women whom I've met here who understand, and some insight from my GP and counsellor, because in the midst of all the emotions, I did lose perspective.