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    Default My second successful drug-free natural birth!

    My first birth could not have gone better. I hoped for adrug-free active birth and it is what I got. It was an amazing experienceoverall and wouldn’t change a thing. So once I fell pregnant with our secondchild I had every intention of doing this again (if possible) I re-read all myactive birth material and with experience in hand this time, I felt empoweredand relaxed.

    My second pregnancy went very smoothly. I showed very earlyon and put on to much weight. (with thanks to my potato gem and frozen cokecravings!) Because of my size I always had my suspicions bub would come early.I got given 3 due dates. 4/3/12 (based on LMP) 10/3/12 (based on 9 week scan)and 13/3/12 (based on 18 week scan) I knew that the most accurate EDD wasdetermined by the earliest scan. So in my mind, the 10th was thewinner. At our 18 week scan we discovered we were having a baby girl which wasextremely unexpected considering my DF’s family is riddled with boys. Wealready have a son and we only ever wanted 2 children so too discover we werehaving a girl was AMAZING. I was over the moon!From around 34 weeks I had a lotof pre-labour symptoms. I was all the more convinced I was going to go early.But alas, this wasn’t too be. The 4thof March passed without any labour.
    March 6thI work up at 2am and noticed my plug was coming away. I immediately got thatmixed feeling of excitement and fear. With my first child, once I saw my plugcoming away my labour began immediately so I was convinced this was it. Istarted getting contractions every 10mins. Nothing I couldn’t handle. Mildperiod like pain but with a distinctive wave pattern. At 5am I was still havingthe contractions every 10 mins. I was due to have a midwife appointment thatday and rang in advance to let them know my labour had started. They stillwanted me to come in anyway. I arrived at the hospital at 9am and, mycontractions completely vanished. Had the midwife appointment-she said bub was definatlyengaged and ready to go, it was just a matter of time. She also mentioned thatbub was still in posterior position (had been since 30 weeks) For the next 3 days I had contractions on andoff. Id go hours without any at all and then hours of patterned contractions.At one point I had them 3-4mins apart! But again, they didn’t amount to anything.The only thing I was thankful for was that I was able to sleep at night. Icontinued to lose my plug over this time.
    Friday morning I woke up at 8am. I was lazing around in bedwhilst my DF got DS his breakfast when suddenly I felt a weird popping sensation.Nothing overly aggressive and pretty deep in side but definatly a pop. I stoodup and went to the toilet and I had a definite trickle. Contractions begunagain. I didn’t bother calling the hospital as I knew because I didn’t havecontractions close together yet and my water was running clear not green sothey wouldn’t look at me yet anyway. The contractions were all over the place.Everytime I had a contraction I would leak. The contractions were stillirregular but started getting a sting to them. My dad picked up DS and mum (whowas my other support person) came over ready for blast off. Around 10am theystarted slowing again and I was getting quite deflated. 3 days of this and mypatience was starting to get awfully thin!! At 1pm there was no change and Idecided to call the midwives and tell them I was fairly confident my water hadbroken and I knew the risk of infection was getting higher. Midwife told me to comein immediately so they could confirm my water had broken. Arrived at hospitalhalf an hour later and sure enough, contractions stopped completely again.AHHHHH!! They did however confirm that my water had broken and decided toinduce me at 8am the next morning if I didn’t progress. I wanted to avoid thisat all costs-especially if I was in for a posterior birth! They also did bloodsthat we had to wait 2hours for. All was fine. I did however get a killermigrane! Luckily I was at the right place so they gave me some panadeinefor that JI was told to go home and see how I went overnight. We arrived back home at 5pmwhere I waved Mum off and told her I would call her if anything happened butdefinatly meet her back at the hospital at 8am. I hadn’t even made it up thefront steps to our house before my contractions began again. Typical! Hehe.Inside I went not getting to excited about these contractions. From this momenton my contractions came no less then every 10mins. Every contraction startinghurting that little bit more. DF got the contraction counter out for me. Every 7mins then 8. Then 9. Then 6. Then 9. Then 4. Allwithin 10mins but still not regular. They were hurting enough that I started using my active birthtechnique. Walking, showers, squattingand fit ball. Being that she was laying posterior they stung so much more thenmy previous labour. I was constantly flapping my hands throughcontractions-like you do when you get an insect bite. I remember ‘the devilwears prada’ was on Tv that night. I attempted laying down and watching it-ha!Didn’t happen I couldn’t stay still. I had about 6 showers that night. Yellingout when a contraction would start and stop to my DF so he could time them. Itis not 10pm and every contraction has me frozen in pain. I was SOOO tired. Ikept walking around and doing my best to stick to the techniques I knew but itwas getting pretty hard to focus. I now knew why they warned me a posteriorlabour was more painful. They weren’t wrong! I decided to try and lay down inbed and see if I could get some sleep. I laid there watching a dvd fightingthrough these contractions. 11pm I had this overwhelming feeling to get to thehospital. Contractions still coming irregularly within that 10min time framebut I didn’t care. I was getting out of this house. Called the midwifes andknowing they were going to be inducing me in the morning anyway said I couldcome in. Made it to the hospital, into the birthing suite where I was told mymidwife was on her way. Mum arrived not long after us. It was around 11pm. Oncein the hospital contractions were coming every 5mins. Didn’t take me long toget in the shower. In both labours the shower was my godsend. I swear by it. DFused to hose to rotate the warm water front to back. My midwife arrived andapart from checking on bubs heartbeat every now and then left us mainly to ourown devices. (which is how I wanted it) Contractions hurt, contractions werecoming every 3 mins. I didn’t leave the shower really at all. Around 2am I wasin the shower and felt the urge to squat. I also felt a slight urge to push. MyDF let the midwife know and she said to just keep breathing through it. Within10mins the urge became quite strong and I started to moan. My midwife offered andinternal which I accepted. I was 7cm’s and in her words “nowhere near ready topush”. She explained because bub wasposterior I was feeling a lot more pressure then normal and that I was justgoing to have to breathe through the urges. Now, every woman who has ever givenbirth knows how impossible it is to ignore these urges to push. Contractionsfelt like they were never ending now and the pain was indescribable. Within10mins of the internal my body started involuntarily pushing. I started topanic. I didn’t want to hurt my baby by pushing when I wasn’t supposed to butat the same time I could NOT stop it. I had an extremely long labour with myfirst and pushed for 2 hours. In saying that, the pain was so much more intensethen with my DS and the idea of only being 7cms, this pain going on for hoursand being told I wasn’t allowed to push I felt completely out of control. Iasked for another internal. Still only 7cm’s. I started crying. I startingfreaking out. Contractions felt like they had no start or finish I was bearingdown unbelievably. My body was pushing so violently and forcefully. My midwifesuggested I hop up on the bed and hold onto the top of the bed in squatting position. I stayed this way forhalf an hour or more. Midwife was trying to coach me to breathe through theurge to push. In all honesty. I blocked her out. I had my mum on one side of meand my DF on the other. I kept screaming out “ can I push yet?!!!!!!!!!!!” I then decided I couldn’t do it. I asked for an epidural. The midwifeoffered gas and/or pethidine which I declined. I wanted an epidural. I heard mymidwife utter the words “transition” to my mum and my midwife left the room andcame back with another nurse. Im pushing now. I don’t care what they say. It isinhumane for me too ignore this urge. Im pushing because my body simply is. It’s3am and I hear the midwives chatting in the corner. At the same time I feelsomething wet fall out. I had a MASSIVE bloody show. As soon as the midwivessaw this they gave me the go ahead to push. This was all I needed to hear. Istarted pushing with intent. Still in this upright position on the bed. Im moaningand moaning as that primal instinct consumed me. Within 10mins of pushing I canfeel bub moving down through my pelvis. The midwives are telling me they cansee glimpses of bubs head. DP is offering me water and mum is wiping myforehead with a washer. They are talking to me. I can’t hear them. I am totallyfocused and at one with my body. Even though I can feel bub sliding back upafter every contraction I can also feel the progress she is making. The midwivessuggest I change position. They lay me on my side and my mum held my leg up asI pushed. Almost immediately I felt the ring of fire. She was turning as shecrowned. She wasn’t face up or face down but somewhat sideways. I kept my eyesshut through the whole process and concentrated only on pushing. With one finalpush Chelsea Jane entered the world at 3:34am on the 10th of March.My beautiful 9pound posterior baby. Shewent straight to the breast and suckled and had the most hair I have ever seenon a newborn! Chelsea was perfect and healthy in everyway.
    As I was holding my new bundle the midwives started to rusharound as I was bleeding quite significantly. I still hadn’t delivered myplacenta despite being given the injection. I felt the urge to push again and deliveredpart of the placenta. It was raggered. Whilst I am gazing at my sweetheart themidwives are impatiently waiting for the rest to arrive. Two more midwives anda doctor entered the room. One of the midwives walked up to me very calmly,gave me a smile and introduced herself. She explained she was going to have afeel of my tummy then “bang!” she pushed down so heavily on my stomach that Ifelt winded and at the same time I felt a massive gush come out of me. I hadclots and blood and the rest of the placenta come out of me a shoot across theroom! The midwives all gasped in shock! I was hooked up to a drip and has a catheterinserted due to the heavy blood loss. Doctor gave me the all clear and I wasleft to gaze at my daughter. We went home the following evening.

    Like my first birth I was successful in a drug-free naturalbirth with no tearing at all. This was my dream come true. Chelsea is justperfect. Along with our gorgeous DS our family is now complete.

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    Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.

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    Thank you for sharing
    Such a lovely birth story.

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    That was beautiful and brought tears to my eyes! Thankyou for sharing

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    Congrats- gorgeous name too


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