Hi everyone

My name is Brooke and I in my 1st Year of Midwifery. I am a mother of two wonderful boys.

I am looking for women who are interested in having a Student Midwife follow their pregnancy which includes support throughout the pregnancy, labour, the birth and also postnatally called the Continuity of Care Experience.

It involves myself (At your discretion)
Attending all or some antenatal appointments
Attending the labour and birth
Attending all or some postnatal appointments

It's an opportunity to have someone one on one who can be there to share the experience with yourself and your family and also be there for support. Sometimes you just need someone to make you smile!

You can be a public, private (Depending on your OB) or community patient and less than 35 weeks (Although if past this we can still work something out).

So if you live in Perth and are interested in the Continuity of Care Experience then please send me a PM and I will be in touch