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    Default Is it normal to feel disconnected?

    I'm in several baby groups from BH and I just feel disconnected. I know other people in those groups have gone through this and they managed but I'm feeling really...cut off if that makes sense? We're trying again this cycle but I can bring myself to join a testing or two week wait thread. Seeing baby talk still cuts me deep and I think maybe that's why I'm disconnecting myself so I don't keep feeling that hurt. I keep thinking about where I would be at in my pregnancy and getting sad seeing those around me continue on with theirs (there's four women at work who are pregnant).

    Is this normal?

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    yes. I had to take a little BH break as i couldn't cope with either people's happy news, or devestating news either. That sounds horrible, but I couldn't hear about multiple miscarriages, and people spending years ttc. It was making me so anxious and left me feeling so guilty for not being able to support others that I just left for a while and didn't come back till I got my BFP. Not trying to get rid of you or anything, but maybe that's what you need right now?

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    I am feeling the same thing, as to whether it is normal I don't know but you aren't alone LOL. It is getting easier but the day that 'I should' have had my 12 week scan was the hardest thing. There is another girl in my town that was due around the same time I would have been. I can hardly talk to her - she isn't a good friend. I just think 'it's not fair'. But I am trying to move past it. I do also find it hard seeing otehr peoples tickers who I was TTC with. I had to close that thread and couldn't read her comments.
    It is getting easier. WE will start 'trying' soon, as soon as the annoying bleeding leaves and I am better as I think I have picked up my son's virus. Do you have a plan for what would have been your due date? Weekend away etc. We have a cruise booked and I now have something to devote (waste) my time on rather than baby stuff.

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    Yep, totally normal. I'm in a couple of groups and much as I love talking to the ladies and being excited for them it's been very hard to be around for the last few weeks.
    I think I'm starting to feel better about it now, but it's still hard. I find now that it's not the bfps that hurt (although it did for the first few days) it's the mcs that hurt now. Not me, but I feel the pain and sadness for them because I know what it feels like.

    We slowly claw our way back but don't feel bad about the fact that it's hard to stay connected. We're only human, it's natural to feel that loss all over again and it doesn't make you a bad person for not feeling like you can stay connected to a forum that is essentially all about the thing that you lost.


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