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    Default Developmental Dysplaysia of the Hips

    Hi, I'm wondering if someone is in the same situation.
    My daughter was diagnosed with severe DDH of both hips at 6 weeks old and instantly went into a pavlik harness, after 8 weeks they than put her into a dennis brown bar, she has been in this for 4 weeks now. We went to a check up last week and her hips only improved by 1 degree, so we have to go back in 6 weeks and get an x-ray and ultrasound. They are hoping that by then she will have "normal" hips, but they said if she doesnt we will have to keep it on for another 6 weeks and if they still arnt "normal" than we have to discuss doing something different.
    I'm very confused on what else there is to do? The doctor said they will keep the brace on until they're fixed, so why did he say we will need to discuss doing something different? Is something different meaning surgery? I'm so very confused and worried that my daughter is going through all of this to only have to go through surgery and a cast!! Has anyone been through this or something similar?

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    First of all, I sympathize with you and know how you are feeling. My daughter (now 5.5 years) had hip displaysia and wore a brace for 20 months. She went into a Pavlik Harness at 5 months and wore it for 8 weeks. She then moved on to a Denis Brown Bar and then a Rhino Cruiser. She finally came out of the brace the month before her 2nd Birthday. She has since been monitored yearly and has just (5th March) had double hip surgery because the Orthopaedic Surgeon was not happy with the way her hips were developing (or not developing actually). This was very frustrating for us because we felt that the 20 months in the brace were a waste of time, but it may have been worse if she hadn't worn the brace at all.
    She had Bi Femoral Osteotomies at the RCH in Melbourne. We were in hospital for 8 nights (usually would be 4, but she needed a blood transfusion and also got a UTI from the catheter). She didn't have to be plastered, but was not allowed to stand up for 6 weeks, so she got around in a wheel chair. She only started walking on Monday and is still very nervous about it, but she's getting there with the help of a frame. She will need to have the metal plates and pins that were inserted, taken out next March. We saw the surgeon on Wednesday and at this stage he is very happy with the outcome and her progress, BUT he has warned us that she will be monitored yearly until she is 16 and there is still a possibility of further surgery down the track. Whilst we didn't want to have to do the surgery, the alternative wasn't even an option for us. We were told that if we left it and didn't have the operation, she would suffer from Arthritis as a teenager and most probably need a full hip replacement. Not something we want her to have to go through.
    I know you must be feeling very scared and frustrated, but trust in your Orthopaedic Surgeon. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have, and good luck!


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