Hi girls thinking of increasing my cover...

I'm currently with NIB on a Basic Plus Policy which only has limited cover for IVF and no Obstetrics. We pay $173.00 a month.

We did manage to get $361.05 back from my 1st Full Stim Cycle with limited cover.

I'm having trouble working out who has the most benefits for the OPU #13212 & TR #13215

I telephoned Latrobe Health as they only have a 9 month wait for Obstetrics and they pay back on Top Hospital for OPU $417.42 & TR $65.42.

I telephoned NIB and they were so hard to deal with, wouldn't give me a conclusive answer on what they pay back on Top Hospital for OPU & TR.

To take out top hospital and extras with Latrobe PHI it is roughly from $240 - $265.
  1. Who do you have Private Health Insurance with?
  2. What do you pay?
  3. What do you get back from IVF & Obstetrics?
  4. Do you recommend your PHI?