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    Default 4 week old not sleeping during the day!

    Hi ladies,

    I'm really hoping you might have some advice for me.

    My 4 week old DD will not sleep during the day unless she's being held. This isn't so bad at the moment as my DH is still off work and can help with our toddler DD1 while I'm cuddling DD2 but he goes back to work soon and there's no way I can hold her all day on my own while caring for DD1.

    The thing that really confuses me is that she is a great sleeper at night, I can put her down wide awake any time from 8:30pm onwards and she'll go to sleep on her own no worries. We are getting a 4-6 hour stretch from her for her first night sleep and then she'll wake 3-4 hourly from there. So, i know she can put herself off to sleep when she wants to.

    During the day is a different story though, I can't put her down, even if she's fast asleep in my arms - she'll wake within 5 minutes and cry.

    Any advice. I have a baby carrier but I'm torn about using it for sleeping during the day in case she gets hooked on it. I'd really like to find a way to get her to happily sleep in her cot during the day.

    Any advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!

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    I think getting the first day sleep right will set you up for the rest of the day. My 6 month old can't be awake for more than 1 hr after getting up at 7am. If you miss that first day sleep each one following will get harder and harder to get. Once she shows those tired signs you have about a 2 minute window to get her to bed. 15 minutes over this time can easily accumulate through the day, and then 4pm can be a disaster. What time does she start the day? My son wakes at 5-6am for a feed then he goes back down to sleep and starts the day at around 7-7.30, hell have brekky then back down at 8-8.30. I would try that maybe?

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    My DD was pretty much the same at that age. She is still a pretty tricky day sleeper but easy at night. I agree with above poster, if u can get her to sleep for the morning one the others are a bit easier. I used to go for a walk and get her to sleep in the pram which made the consecutive sleeps easier.
    As for waking as soon as being put down I just grin and beared it by puttin her down in bassinet first and not rocking her. It took a bit for her to settle for a few days but got easier.
    Hope that helps.

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    Under 12 weeks you can't create bad habits so if a baby carrier works - go with it!!!!! Makes your life so much easier, keeps your hands free to get things done. You know it passes in a flash so take advantage of the cuddles!!!!


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