Hi ladies

Can anyone give me some ideas here. I have an 18mth old who isnt the best sleeper, 2 cycles ago I managed to record my BBT and do the OPK and they both registered that I O'd on day 13. This was with at least 4hrs sleep before I woke and took my temp, but the last 4+wks i'm lucky to get a total of 4hrs sleep a night let alone in one go, so ive been unable to take my temps. the cycle ive just finished (i'm due for AF on the 24th April) I wasnt able to do any temping but i did do the opk and had 2 +opk days which seems to be the norm for me and on the 3rd day its a neg. My temping cycle i noticed the stretchy cervical fluid but last time round i didnt notice any but still had the 2days of +opk?? DH was home over easter and going by the app iperiod i was fertile from the 5/4-10/4 with 10/4 being O day. We BD on the 5,7 and 9 then DH flew back out to work. Hoping it all worked and we dont have to worry about the whole BBT OPK thing, but just in case does anyone have any info they can throw at me, whether it be how to get DS to sleep or just any info would be great.