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    Quote Originally Posted by mumma inky View Post
    If this were a mum we would all be thinking post natal, is it possible this is the case?
    (excuse the exaggeration )
    It could be possible, PND can go on for years and year and doesn't just effect the mums.

    OP, I just wanted to send you some
    Personally if it where me, I would leave for a while.
    Not so much to make him realize what he has lost but to give him time to think, and same goes for you too.

    Whatever he is going through having a child is never just "your fault" or "he had no decision" he took place in making your children just as much as what you did. I think he needs to realize that and take responsibility.

    Has he always been this type of person or has it gotten worse after you youngest was born?

    It could be PND, it might not.

    Have you considered marriage counseling? Or even just individual counseling? That might help you understand (and him to) why he feels this way and why he feels the need to say hurtful things like that

    Thinking of you.

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    i left my partner because he went into stupid mode like what your fella is doing, i didnt tell him i just uped an left, now 7 months later he has changed into a better man and were back together. in the long run was the best decision i could of made at the time and with what was happening, he dosnt think so, but he dosnt see how its changed him, his happier and more involved with the kids, doesnt smoke pot anymore, and has gone back to work. we are so happy now, we are trying for another. we both want another, so its good with us. i hope this helps you. xx good luck


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