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    Default children sharing a room - experiences?

    DS1 is 9 months old and DS2 will be born in July or August so the age gap will be barely 12 months. I'm wondering how they would go sharing a room (either straight away or later on when they are a bit older). DS1 still usually wakes 1-2 times a night for a feed or because he's rolled onto his tummy and is stressing out about it (he seems to forget how to roll back in the middle of the night).

    Does anyone have any experiences (good or bad) that they'd like to share? If you would wait until they are older, what age would you suggest?

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    I live in a 2br house and considered putting our newborn (due in 2.5wks) in with our 2.5 yr old toddler but after some thought, I'd prefer the toddler to get an uninterrupted sleep at night. She still wakes once a night only because she's lost her blankie but if I had a baby in there as well, I can guarantee dd would be woken up every time with the baby cries, etc. Not only that, the teething dramas aswell!
    So, I've decided to put the newborn into the office. And when he's capable of sleeping through, he'll go in with dd.
    My sister put her ds in with dd after he was able to sleep through (about 2yrs old) and she didn't have any problems.

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    All my boys shared a room for years.

    Oliver and Jordan have always shared,
    Then Gabriel moved in with them when he moved into a toddler bed and out of our room. Then Julian moved in with them when he moved out of the cot (in our room) and into a bed.

    Now we have a bigger house, O and J share (twins), Gabe and Julz share (13 months apart) and Lysander will move into the room with them once he leaves the cot.


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