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    Default Dream wee?

    Hi all,

    First of all, forgive me if this has been discussed before. I am posting through blurry eyes and can't stay awake long enough to search (so if there is a link to a previous topic please post it to avoid bothering you all again)...and I have been trying to get on here for AGES to post this question!

    Anyway, this is our situation: Our DD (who will be 3 in May) has been doing quite well at daytime toilet training. She is still having some (mostly) wee accidents - usually only when she is playing and it seems in the mornings when Dad is up with her (I seem to be able to find a way to get her to go to the toilet first thing before she has an accident!).

    DD has been insisting on wearing undies to bed for a while now. So we let her do that but then would also pop a pull up on before we went to bed to avoid accidents. Basically hubby and I were always both too exhausted to deal with it. But we wonder now if we should not have done that, as she would wake up and ask where her undies were.

    SO this past week we finally decided it has to start sometime. She has gone to bed with her undies on like she has for ages. 98% of the time she is dry before we go to bed. A couple of nights she has had accidents, but another couple of nights she was dry the entire night (oh she had three nights straight of waking up with a dry pull up which is why we figured it was finally time).

    But, we now have another dilemma.

    It seems if DD wets the bed about 3am or whenever she'll wake up and cry or yell out to us. But if it's within the first two or so hours of her going to bed she has wet herself (has happened twice so far) but will sleep right through it. I guess that's when she is in the deepest sleep cycle.

    I have heard about picking her up and taking her to the toilet before we go to bed (which I've also heard some people call the 'dream wee') - but then I've also heard others say that you shouldn't do this as it defeats the purpose of them learning by themselves.

    Now we don't know what to do. Do we bother with a dream wee? (Not sure she'd even go) or? What about the wetting when she is in a deep sleep and it doesn't even wake her up?

    Would love opinions and what has worked for others please.

    Thanks heaps in advance!

    Good night!

    (Working, commuting, pregnant with No 2 and now afflicted with chronic fatigue syndrome Mum *sigh*).

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    are you sure your DD sleeps right through her wee in her early sleep? We've just night trained our DD and I found out that she actually stirs, sits up and then lies back down to sleep. (I sat in her room for a few nights to see what hte devil was happening).

    So when she next sat up - I took her out of bed and to the toilet saying - its wee time. Its taken a bit but now she comes out of her room saying wee and we help her to the toilet.

    Also limiting her water after dinner might reduce the need to wee then.

    our DD is 20mths old.

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    Thanks Izzy. Yes she definitely sleeps through in the early sleep cycle. We checked into that.
    Also yes we do all the recommended things - limit her drinking etc. etc.

    I guess she is just a deep sleeper in the first few hours. :I


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