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    Thanks everyone. I pressed the button and turned them upside down. They still chirped for awhile but eventually stopped, thank goodness. My mum bought them for dd for her birthday, thanks for that mum! I wonder what bright spark decided they didn't need an off button.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dannielle View Post
    I *think* this is how they work:

    It has 2 buttons. One on its nose and one on its back. The one on it's nose is just noises and the one on its back makes it move and does the noises. Press it once and it starts and press again to stop.

    So, if it's moving and making noises then press the one on it's back. If its just making noises press its nose.

    If that fails, do as pp suggested and turn it on it's back.

    DD2 scared me to death just after she was given one of these on her birthday last year and took it to bed. I kept hearing noises which stopped and started all night and couldn't figure out where it was.
    my DD took one to bed once too, it chewed up a chunk of her hair which i had to cut out in the morning. Stupid things.


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