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    Default I feel like i'm going insane! Unsettled 4 month old!

    I feel like i'm about to go crazy! My 4 month old DS is such hard work, and I feel like I'm the only one, everyone else I know with similar aged babies seem so happy and enjoy being at home. Every day seems never ending for me! My DS demands so much attention and is just not satisfied with all of the stimulation I try to give him with toys, music, reading books, sounds, toys with lights and sounds, talking to him, singing etc. etc. I cannot put him down without him whinging or crying and he has such a short attention span. He lasts no more than 10 minutes at any time on his playmat, in his bouncer, with toys or with me playing with him and then he gets irritable because he's over it already. It is also very frustrating because the moment he's with other people, he is an angel and people don't believe that he's such hard work.

    He wants me to be holding him a lot which is fine, but when I do I need to be doing something with him...which he gets sick of after a short time anyway. Because he likes me to be holding him a lot, I tried putting him in the carrier when I do things around teh house, but he doesn't like that either, even facing foward (i've tried it heaps of times to see if he changed). He doesn't like being in his bumbo for more than 10 minutes either although he does like to be sitting up so he can see things. It's like he has all this energy but he can't use it and he gets frustrated. I think if he could walk, he'd be happy and in discovery mode. He's already trying to stand up all of the time and trying to sit up when he's reclined in his bouncer or pram. It is just so draining and I don't know what else I can do to stimulate him more and stretch out his attention span. I thought that now he can grasp things he'd be a lot happier and stimulated with his abundance of toys, but this doesn't seem the case. He sleeps well during the night, to bed around 7/7.30pm every night (sometimes before if he's tired) and he usually sleeps right through to 5.30/6am of late. He has his last feed at around 5.30pm. During the day though, he is not having as much sleep as I feel he needs. I put him down a couple of times a day (morning and afternoon) and he is generally good at going to sleep if I put him down awake or sometimes he'll fall asleep if i'm holding him, but recently he only sleeps maybe 30 minutes or so each time...so only getting about 1 - 1.5 hours during the day. He is on formula. Has anyone else had the same experience? Does it get better? I just don't know what else to do.

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    It sounds that he is getting tired or overstimulated rather than frustrated. After an hour or so pop him in the pram or carrier and put a Muslin wrap over to block out the light. See of he settles or calms down.

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    He sounds like my DD, who is now 6 months.She has always needed constant attention from me too.

    I find it helps to organise an activity out of the house evwry day. It gives her something interesting to see/do so she is not seeing the same 4 walls all day. It also keeps me sane

    Is it possible he is getting overtired during the day? I know DD needed and still needs more naps in the day, about 3 to 3 1/2 hours at 4 months. His behaviour that you described sounds like my DD when she is overtired.I struggled to get her to nap for quite a long time, and found the best way was taking her for walks in her carrier. Then even if she was overtired she woukd eventually fall asleep most of the time.

    I don't know if that is any help to you. Since DD started crawling I have found it has got easier. She is so excited about exploring that she can amuse herself for longer periods, and since she turned 5 or 6 months her naps got longer and at more regular times (well not always the same times, but generally she needs a nap after being awake 2 to 3 hours now). She is still a very cuddly baby however and I think that is just her personality, and I appreciate it so much more now that she is crawling around and doing her own thing more.

    One last thing, Dr Sears has written about high needs babies in 'The fussy baby book' and I found it to apply to my DD. I'm not saying that it will apply to your DS but you could always have a look at it to see if it does, as it gave me some ideas on how to deal with certain things.

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