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    Default Ewcm & o

    I know that EWCM means your fertile & its time to DTD but when does it stop? Do you have EWCM after O or does it stop before you O? My cycle is just so different this time & has me really confused! I thought I had O’d on Sat/Sun but now today I have mild cramping but its not like O or AF pain. I know it’s too early for AF but it should be too early for implantation cramping?

    28/3 – AF arrives
    2/4 – DTD
    5/4 – DTD
    8/4 – DTD
    10/4 – DTD
    12/4 – DTD
    14/4 – Lots of EWCM & O pain, DTD
    15/4 – Still EWCM, DTD
    16/4 – No longer have EWCW, no DTD
    17/4 – Mild cramping but not like O pain or AF pain. I can’t really explain what I’m feeling.

    I haven’t used OPK’s or temped this month, I was trying to take the relaxed approach. However I have used pre seed.

    Has anyone else had anything like this & what was the outcome? I guess I am also worried that miss eggy is implanting in my fallopian tube

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    We're was your cramping located? I've had weird cramping before mid cycle located around my stomach. That month ended up just like any other month. No idea what it was, gas might be the best answer. I know a lot of women who know they are pregnant believe the baby is kicking already and find out it was just gas.

    Maybe we are just noticing little things more easily cause we're paying closer attention. I wouldn't think anything of it.

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    I dont know about the implantation..I assume it would be too early but maybe not if implanting in your tubes? I dont know..But I know that I get EWCM around O time and then again about a week later and apparently thats normal. Maybe go to the doctors if you are concerned hun.

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