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    Default DD has started wetting the bed

    DD is almost 3.5 YO and has been day toilet trained for about a year and night trained for about 6 months. She very rarely wet the bed at night (maybe 3 times in 6 months), we werent even getting her up for a wee before we go to bed...she was able to hold it all night. She would even wake up some nights to go toilet.

    The last 4 nights in a row she has wet the bed. Whats happening?? I was thinking its because its colder at night and shes nice and warm in her bed. We started getter her up for a wee before WE went to bed but it hasnt worked.

    What do i do?? Do i put her back in a nappy at night??

    BTW, she has started having major tantrums (which she NEVER did) and shes having so major behaviour isses too (but thats another story). Could this be the reason??

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    its probably due to any emotional upset thats going on in her mind. you mentioned that she was having tantrums and behavioural problems... is there something new in her life? A friend of ours has a son that did this a couple of years ago when his dad was sent to afghanistan. It lasted for a few weeks from memory.

    dont put nappies on her cos it will only regress her further. can you use training pants so that the mess is limited? bright bots have good ones that also have a waterproof cover to limit spills/leakages.

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