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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSudgestionator View Post
    How did it happen?
    Why do/did you need it?
    How/did you try to become self sufficient again?

    This thread is not intended to attack you in anyway. Simply to educate myself & others as to why it is not always a choice.

    I myself was 'kicked out' of home at 16yo, and spent a number of years on welfare until I became educated and employable enough to support myself.

    I'd love to hear others stories.
    I think the fact that the OP stated that she'd been kicked out of home and been on welfare herself kind of suggests that she's not trying to criticise others for having been or being on welfare, doesn't it?

    I can't wait until I'm not on centrelink, personally. It feels horribly unreliable and they mess things up all the time. It makes me anxious jumpin through their hoops.

    I have found it really interesting reading the stories that people volunteered. After all, replying is optional and for some an experience with welfare can be a little raw to talk about.

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    I left home at 16, fell pregnant at 17 and had my son to a guy who would rather buy cigarettes than nappies. I eventually left a very bad relationship and had to move around a lot as I couldn't afford any kind of stable accommodation. I lived in a lot of share houses and lived in a few houses on six month leases because no one else applied for them. I worked here and there as a sub for child care centres but only if i could take DS in with me. He was in and out of hospital with sleep and breathing issues. I started dating a guy who shortly after we became a couple had a serious motorbike accident and needed full time care. I moved in with him and cared for him for eight months until, our relationship fell apart. I took up with the DD's father and had DD1, the relationship turned toxic so we broke up. DS was diagnosed with special needs, which had been obvious for a long time. DD2 was born with a defect that makes her stop breathing and she's been released from hospital on oxygen. I'm now on carers payment for her as she needs full time care for her issues. I was planning on starting to study when she hit a year old but now it's just I'll see how it goes. I'd like to go back to work when she is well enough to go into child care, but I'll have to study first as any low level job won't be worth it due to child care costs for two, possibly three children.

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    we won lotto, and 2 wealthy relatives kicked the bucket in the same year.
    so we only get ftb/ccb as welfare now.

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    Break down of ten year relationship with my husband, I was a sahm so had no money to fall back on at all.

    Waiting for final custody hearing to be able to make any long term plans but really want to start my nursing degree next year so that I am able to be working and off welfare within the next 3-4 years.

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    Because I wanted to be a SAHM and my husband(s) didn't earn enough so I was/am entitled to FTB based on their income.

    I received parenting payment as well as FTB part B when my ex husband decided to leave me for another woman.

    I regret being financially dependant on a man and will be working on rectifying that next year when I start uni. The reason why I haven't done it sooner is because it didn't seem feasible paying x amount in childcare fees. Next year, however I will only need to pay for one child plus I'm hoping to get a part time job so it should work out. I hope


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