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    Default bedtime tantrums

    I'm sorry if I am doubling up but I need advice.
    My 22month old son became a big brother two weeks ago so I'm still giving him some time to adjust to this new role and what's entailed - however - the whining and the tantrums are just doing my head in.
    I can distract and deal with tantrums through the day but the bedtime tantrum has gone on EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for months. It's like the tantrum is part of the 'routine' for him to go to bed.
    His routine for night time is no tv, dinner, drink of milk from his cup, teeth and story time. We don't mind that he doesn't go to sleep right away, so we encourage him to keep reading his books to his teddies but he just screams from his bed until we go back in and read him another book (he would get us to read 100 if he had his way). He has the hallway light on till he falls off to sleep.
    He's a little like my husband ... only listens to me when I'm yelling and I don't want to be a yeller! I lost it tonight and yelled at him and I hate myself for that. I don't want to see my boy recoil away from me in fear. I don't want to see my boy crying because I have yelled at him.
    Can anyone suggest what I'm doing wrong with this routine? The boy just would not go to bed if he had his way and I have a newborn.

    Can you also suggest any tips on keeping your cool when it comes to these tantrums.

    Thanks for your time


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    No advice I'm in the same boat with my 6 yr old he's driving me mental ATM

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    Oh god I could have written this. My dd is 3, nearly 4 and became a big sister 3 weeks ago. Bedtime tantrums have been going on for months. But she actually gets out of bed screaming for me and only me. Goes nuts if her father tries to calm her. I like you hate seeing her sob and me screaming. Star charts work to an extent. If she goes to sleep by herself she can have a star. I have also started the Jo Frost thing now of putting her back to bed without saying anything except kissing her. My issue is the days she goes to daycare or kindy she is so tired by the time she gets to dinner time that it's a battle again over the dinner table to get her to eat. She is always in bed by 6.30 and tonight after screaming to shower her, arguing and crying over uneaten dinner, she took herself off to bed and fell asleep by herself.
    I could so do with some tips to keeping cool too. My dh had to come and take over showering tonight as he thought one of us was going to end up hurt!


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