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    Default Egg recipient questions

    Hi everybody!

    I have just started to look into egg and sperm donation and after a (Fairly lazy, I admit) search I have a couple of questions about the process.

    1. I have access to a couple who can give me both an egg and donated sperm and aren't interested in being on the birth certificate, is this still classed as donation or are we moving into surrogacy territory?

    2. I'm perfectly healthy but I'm twenty years old. Am I allowed to recieve donor sperm because I'm so young? Does anybody know of fertility clinics in NSW who go through the process with under 21s? The reason I want to go through the process now is that I am in a very lucky position of being in a job which provides more than ample maternity leave and will hold my position for me until I return, I also have very loving supportive parents who are very eager to help with any child rearing while I head back to work. (We always joke that we're like a hippie commune without all the freaky-deaky stuff that goes along with it)

    Thanks everybody for your time and I hope I haven't made any newbie faux pas!

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    neither your egg or sperm donor 's names appear on the birth certificate only the woman who gives birth to the child and also the man who plays a fathers roll and who provides the sperm. May i ask why you would need both egg and sperm donor? At 20 there would be extensive councelling and i think you would really have to fight to have access to IVF - im pretty sure they will think you are too young.


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