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I had a weird thought this morning!! Actually my biggest critic is a friend who shares her bed with 3 DOGS!! Apparently bed sharing with your pet for some VERY STRANGE reason is more acceptable than with your child??!
And one more to add: If ds1 who is turning 6 is sick, dh moves into the kids room and I have them all in my bed. I just can't bare the thought of my sick child being in a different room than I am! There you go - I am the super freak
I understand this. That's why dd is going straight to double bed from her cot in a few months time. When she is sick I will co sleep with her in her own bed. Not everyone agrees with her getting a double bed as if it's some sort of way of spoiling her?! Wtf. I figure that's their problem not mine. It will be making my life easier when she is sick and she will feel comforted all night long having her mumma in arms reach.

In regards to logistics with fitting everyone in your room what about taking the cot mattress into your room, that's a bit better than just using the kiddy fold out couch?