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    Default Is a scheduled c-section a legal right in Canada, Vancouver?

    Hi ladies:
    Yes, you have read right, I am crazy enough to want an elective c-section for no apparent medical reason. However, do not even attempt to bully me just becuz I have a different opinion than urs.
    Yes, I know that a c-section is a major abdominal surgery, and I also know that it takes forever to heal and I also know that it is risky.
    I am still okay with all of it.
    What I hate is how women are against elective c-section and they try and brainwash u. Just becuz someone is able to physically push a baby out their vagina does not mean that they can emotionally do that act without being traumatized. I am scared to death, and I mean I am seriusly losing sleep over it. Just the thought of pushing something outta there, makes me so terrified. I think that women should have a choice of how they bring a baby into this world. Some women are strong, and some are me! I am a coward and I will admit it. Everybody tells me to do vaginal with an epidural. That still does not settle my nerves. I want women to know that just becuz u had a good natural labour, does not mean that the next women's labour will be as good and short as urs. Everybody has different experiences and different needs and I wish that instead of judgng each other, we would actually support one another. What worked for u, may not necessarily work for another woman. So, my question is: is a scheduled c section a legal choice for women in canada? My reason for wanting one is severe phobia and fear , and I only want a c-section. Will I be able to get one????

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    Since this is an Australian site, you might not get your answer about elective c-section in Canada.

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