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    Default reflux medications-is it working? pls give advice

    my baby is 12 weeks old and exclusively breastfed.

    he has been chucky since the start and unsettled with reflux from 1 - 2 weeks old.

    we used positioning, baby carrier etc for quite awhile but eventuallly started him on mylanta at 6 weeks, initially to confirm that it was reflux, but continued cos it helped. (mchn recommended mylanta)

    got in to a dr at 10 weeks and we started baby on losec 2.5mg x 2 daily. this helped and we could reduce mylanta. losec increased to 5mg x 2 daily, hoping to stop mylanta.

    Baby has had very unsettled few days. acidic breath too.

    i feel like we had better control when only on mylanta. i don't like giving meds at all, but if i am going to. i want them to work!

    do i go back to dr? should i wait longer for losec to do its thing?

    i get 10mg tablets that i halve and then dissolve in 2.5ml of water and syringe in. i think he keeps most of it in (although some days i wonder if he keeps anything in). are there any tricks i might be missing?

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    You need to give losec time to work, which could be 2-4 weeks. Increasing the dose is an option, he still ha a lot f room to move on that dose.

    If that doesn't work, there are other options.


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