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    Default Loss of bladder sensation maybe TMI

    Since having DD when I have to pee I have to really concentrate on doing it. Sometimes takes me a whole minute to start peeing!
    I thought initially this was an issue with my pelvic floor as I have wet myself on the odd occasion (lol) but It hasn't happened when sneezing/coughing/running etc.

    I had an epidural and my baby was ROP. She never turned and came out facing the other way. I also had the epi switched off so I could move around to push but I still didn't feel the contractions properly and pushed DD from pure adrenaline/fear after mw not being able to find DDs heartbeat. So I did do some damage, stitches etc. Also i had trouble peeing with the epi in obviously due to being numb, it feels similiar.
    Not sure if it's relevant.

    Anyone in the same boat or have any idea?

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    I had this problem after having ds2. I had a planned cs though.
    It took months before I had any sensation to urinate. I only knew I needed to go because the area around my bladder would get firm when I pushed on it. Like you I had no problems with any leakage and did plenty of pelvic floor exercises.
    In time it got better. Maybe 3-4 months. I had complications from my spinal which I thought may have caused it as I got tested for a uti and nothing showed.
    I hope you get better soon. I know how frustrating it is.

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