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    Default The most amazing experience of my life!

    Ok, I have been reading all of your birth stories & it made want to tell mine. It’s a couple of yrs old but I have never written it down so I thought I’d give it a go! This is my first bub.

    So let’s start at 40 weeks. Still no sign of labour. Head down & ready to go for weeks but not budging despite daily kms of walking on soft sand on the beach, rough 4wd’ing and various other ways of encouragement. So for my Antenatal appointment I request a S&S. The Middy tries & can’t even get near my cervix so calls in another middy who is actually a trainee but apparently is good at them. So he eventually does it… ouch!
    Off home I go, had the normal bleeding etc & then… nothing. So at 41 weeks another appointment & Cervix is still shut tight. Book in for an induction at 41.5 weeks & as much as I beg, no sooner as it’s my first. They do tell me to try nipple stimulation though. So off home I go & for 2 days I try it. Wow does it cause major contractions when you do it properly! I very highly recommended if you are on your due date!

    On the Sunday, I get up, not feeling well, but no contractions in sight. Went did some shopping, visited some friends, went for another 4wd. Still nothing. Tried some nipple simulation again & then needed to go to the loo. Just got there & my waters broke. First I couldn’t tell if I had wet myself or if it was waters, but I look down & there was blood in the toilet. I call out to DH, he starts to panic like a mad chicken! I tell him not to worry as I had no contractions – but I needed something to stop me leaking everywhere I discovered, as once they break – it keeps coming.
    So I call the Hospital & they tell me to come in. Once there they check me out & minor, irregular contractions. But not even 1 cm!! They asked me if I wanted to be induced then & there. As I really wanted to try to do it naturally – I declined. So they sent me home & said if nothing by the morning I had to go back for IV Antibiotics from my waters being broken. Went home, went got some DVDs out, tried walking for an hour or so – still nothing. Tried to sleep that night – I found it very uncomfortable without my waters – bubs movements feel really weird to say the least!! Ended trying unsuccessfully to sleep on the lounge as the Nurse told me to try to stay sitting up to encourage bub to stay put with no waters.
    Anyway next morning (Monday) back at the hospital, get catheter IV inserted & asked if I wanted to be induced. But I really disliked the Middy who was seeing me & refused to stay. She was very forceful & rude – I felt very uncomfortable so decided to leave & come back every four hours for IV antibiotics. My contractions were not regular & I was handling them well. Again, visited some friends, went shopping & walked trying to bring on those stronger contractions. By 8pm Monday night, I was knackered & decided to book myself in to the hospital as I was sick of going back there all day. They gave me some sleeping tablets & I was to be induced at 7am in the morning. Nurse nasty had finished her shift thank goodness!! I don’t remember much that night – the tablets knocked me out. I do remember pacing the room a lot from contractions through the night, but it’s a blur as I was off my tree from the tablets!
    So next morning I was given the Syntocinon drip to induce & away I go. I get this most awesome nurse – she was Fantastic much to my relief!! Left us alone & just came in to monitor every hour or so. Listened to music, watched TV & chatted to DH through the contractions. It was so relaxing. Although the contractions were strong I was shocked when the middy checked said I was 6cm. I had only just asked for gas after the 3 hours & I was coping with the contractions really well. At 11am, the contractions were getting full on, I began throwing up & I was 7 cm. She asked if I wanted an Epi. as the Anesthetist was doing another lady in the birthing suite & it would be too late if I left I any longer. I was buggared & the contractions were full on by this time so I said yes. Sucked on gas while having a contraction & in it went. Didn’t feel a thing! Oh boy – it was Bliss!
    Fast forward an hour, I get to pushing stage. They turn the Epi off & I can stand, kneel etc. Pushed & pushed, for 3 hours & nothing. They can see the head & that’s it. So then the room starts to fill up… 9 in all, Drs, student Dr’s, middys & a few others who I have no idea who they are. They start talking about an emergency C section. I panic & started pushing harder with all I could. Its amazing when you think you just can’t do any more, where you get your strength from. Suddenly I feel the head budge a tiny bit but it was enough they could try ventouse delivery. So they did & my beautiful DD eventually made her appearance on the Tuesday 3.02pm. She had a swollen head on one side from being so stuck & a black eye, but the little trooper scored 10 for apgar! She latched & was perfect at 7pound 10. We were out of hospital just after 1 day! No grazes, tears or anything.
    Despite going over 2 days of labour, I loved the birth of my DD & wouldn’t change a thing. It was totally totally amazing! I can’t wait to do it again but hopefully this time no induction.

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    Congratulations on your beautiful girl and thanks for sharing


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