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    Default Can you get a false negative?

    So Hubby and I arent using any contraception, I was supposed to get my period Sunday and there is still no sign of it happening soon, eg no cramps or discharge that might hint at it.
    Last month my periods were 5 days late went for 4 days but could have gotten away with wearing liners pretty much for the duration.
    This would be my 3rd expected period since having my son in September last year.
    I have done two tests and they both say negative but my breasts are quite painful at times and i have been out our of sorts emotionally.
    Can your periods be this unpredictable in the first few cycles?
    With my Daughter I went straight back to a 28 day cycle straight off.
    Could I be pregnant??
    I got my period this afternoon maybe next time
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    Mine were wwwaaaaayy wacky after the births of my two...

    Actually this sounds exactly like me after my first. I had a period, 2 months of no period and negative tests and then on the third expected, but absent period I went to the drs and was 6 weeks pregnant.

    Fingers crossed it sorts itself out and you get the result you're hoping for


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