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    Thankyou for the advice and support everyone, I really really appreciate it.

    I have had a good think overnight and the only times I lose control and hit him are when I'm carrying him kicking and screaming to his room for timeout and he hits me full force in the face or over the head. Its such a shock every time that my.first impulse is to smack him. Likewise when he calculated and deliberately hurts his sister, pulls her hair, kicks her, shoves her over, or when he does things that could be very harmful like throwing hard toys at people or in the air over people. W

    I will look into 123 Magic and head to the library today.

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    You've already got so much wonderful advice.

    I agree with toddler taming

    I went to my MCHN (who I had had help from previously and knew she was great). I got so much help, the best of all was the free PPP seminar (Positive Parenting Program).

    I won't go into it hugely, as this is your thread, not mine, but I recently broke this cycle (well, I am still working on it daily). I can't even describe how ashamed I was of myself.

    Please pm me if you want to really talk about it. I am having trouble putting it into words and not writing a novel here, but I can't recommend PPP more highly (and toddler taming). And more than anything, just know that wanting to change this is wonderful.

    I have no real judgment on smacking and 'smackers' only on myself, because I was not using it as discipline, I was frustrated. I felt like if I only had a minute to think before smacking, I wouldn't ever smack at all. So I knew *I* had to change.

    don't be too hard on yourself, notice how no one else is? Because we all understand.

    You've made a very positive first step, please keep going, you will feel so good with a few more skills and a new perspective.

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