Play fighting sitting on the bed the other day with DP and he accidently elbowed me in the eye (my fault really I had been tickling him so much that if I even put my finger near his side he would burst out laughing like a little school girl, so he was defending himself). Anyway, I hunch over trying to console my eye and he thinks this is a ploy tactic and goes in to poke me in the ribs, missed and jabs me in the gum cutting it and making it bleed. Then in his freaking out moment flings his hand back up and slaps me in the nose.

After about 10 minutes of apologies and me trying to stop my mouth bleeding. He copped tickles big time and I had alot of fun pretending to tickle him so he'd giggle like a little school girl.


Another play fight time we were staying at relos and he was pretending his aunty was bashing me up, so I poked him and he retaliated. Then after about 5 minutes I got bored and walked off. Well he decided to take a cheap shot and snuck up behind me and went to kick me in the butt. BUT!! Somehow my ninja skills kicked in and I reached back at the perfect time grabbing his ankle in mid air.

I thought he would just stand there but no. Like in slow motion his whole body lifted up and crashed on the ground resulting in him with a bruised butt.

Serves him right.