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    Default 7.5mnth old and solids,rejection of solids, BLW

    Hi there,

    I have a 7.5mnth old dear daughter! She was 8lb 6oz at birth and at her last weigh-in about 10days ago she was in the 97th%ile.. Her weight has been steadily increasing with her height and age. So weight wise, there are definitely no problems. She is fully breastfed.

    I started her on solids when she was about 4 months with rice cereal at first, because she seemed like she needed something more, and I was quietly hoping it would improve her constant feeding at night (which I've realised now, is more about comfort and separation anxiety than food). After a weigh in, I decided against continuing the solids, since her weight was great and she just wasn't keen. AT ALL. It was a stressful experience for both of us. So I left it.

    At 5.5 months she was trying to grab things off my plate etc. So I thought I would try the solids again, and by solids I mean purees, I have tried both homemade with ebm and bought ones. She is now 7.5 months old and I CANNOT get her to take them. I have persisted and have been offering them every day. As soon as the spoon gets near her mouth she blows a huge raspberry and it just goes everywhere. If I manage to get one in her mouth, she spits it all back out anyway. I've tried all different flavours and textures. My mum said I was exactly the same and went straight to finger food.

    10 days ago I saw the MCHN and she basically implied that I'm nutritionally depriving my child, that my milk isn't enough for her. I was so incredibly upset. I felt like some terrible mother who is not feeding her child enough. Which is absurd since my daughter has the chubbiest thighs in the world! Lol. And that it's my fault that she's not sleeping through because I'm not feeding her enough (which I retorted that she is NOT feeding at night, she's suckling and using me as a dummy, there is no swallowing happening at all!). She is so happy through the day, like ridiculously happy. She only fusses when she's ready for a nap or her teeth are bothering her. So I'm following my better instinct by letting her take the lead.

    So the last few days I have tried Baby Led Weaning...and my god! She is much happier to munch on things herself than have it shoved down her throat. She chooses what she eats and it is just ten times easier! So I have a couple of questions!

    What can I feed her? Everything basically? As long as it's the right size and soft enough for her to gummy chomp? What about spices/herbs/seasoning etc. Obviously no salt or chili lol.

    And secondly, AM I depriving her nutritionally by not pushing the solids? Is my milk enough for her if we have this continuing battle over food (which I think is over since I've been BLW)? I've read the sticky on BLW and she does not fall into any of the categories regarding low iron stores.

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    before 12 months a childs major form of nutrition is boob. its more calorie dense and contains everything a child needs.
    dd loves broccoli florets, corn on the cob, toast fingers and soup to dip into.
    dd eats chili and curry (but we started out mild, then increased gradually)
    i never use salt when cooking, all other spices are fine here

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    What Trish said ^^^

    And I just have to say, what a horrible MCHN! I don't know where she is getting her information from because I've never heard/read anything like that.

    DD always LOVED finger foods. I used to make her fritters/quiches with heaps of grated/chopped veggies/spinach & ham or chicken & Egg & cheese. It's a whole meal. I'd either bake then like little cup cakes or cook them on low heat/in a pan like a thin/crispy pancake. Shed hold on to them & munch away happily.

    She's 22 months now & LOVES chilli & curry & pepper.

    We started introducing curries/chilli by giving her heaps of rice & a tiny bit of sauce to flavour the whole bowl & gradually increased.

    Once she ate two bowls of bolti curry equal parts rice & meat/sauce & the next day her poo burned her bum so beware.

    We've never had any problems with herbs/spices. Dd won't touch garlic but she just doesn't like it.

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    Milk is the main source of food but by 9-10 months they require extra iron from food sources as from 6 months old their iron stores built up in the womb start to decrease. My daughter is now 1 and still a poor eater and is anemic so it's something we are dealing with at the moment. It sounds like your baby is enjoying finger foods so it's definately not something to be worried about yet.

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    BLW is the best! Yes in the beginning it looks like they don't get much but by the 9 month mark my DS turned into an eating machine!
    As pp have said breast milk is the main source of nutrition until 1
    I strongly recommend using spices , herbs, garlic, ginger in everything straight away! People used to think babies need bland food but breast milk is full of flavor so don't be afraid to try them all
    I roast veggies with garlic, oil, and brush back strap molasses or flax seed oil over them, I steam
    All his veggies with ginger and I put fresh or dried herbs in everything, he loves lemon/oil or apple cider vinegar/oil on salads His fav food at 8 months ( and still is at 17 months!) is indian butter chicken ! The only thing I don't add is salt and hot chili and I mainly buy organic
    A great finger food ( and nutritious) is eggs, I make egg pancakes in a little egg pan, and add whatever herbs/veggies are on hand ( this morning was basil/tomato/mushroom and 2 eggs) plus I now add chia seeds! Sorry to ramble on but I am very passionate about child nutrition and BLW! Good luck !


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