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    Default Whinge/Vent/ pregnant and being emotianal..... :( (long)

    OK, not sure if i'll get good or bad replies, but i'm hoping that i will get some useful feedback from anyone that has been or is in the same situation as i am

    As everyone knows it was a long weekend last weekend, so off DH, DD and I go to a families property to go fishing for the weekend...

    Anyways, MIL and AuntyIL OFFERED to look after DD while DH and i went down the creek and put some lines out in the boat.

    This is where it allllll began...

    Now i'm not the kind of person that isnt organised when it comes to having DD looked after by other people. I literally have a 2page printed out routine with what to do when, what to feed, why she might be upset etc etc.
    I also go through exactly what DD likes when, and make it as EASY AS POSSIBLE for the person caring for her....

    Sooo, before leaving to go down the creek, i explained that, as DD was still asleep, if she wasn't awake by 11:15, wake her up, then give her a bottle, then at 12 it's lunch time.

    So all seemed to be going well, DH and i were half way down the river, it was 12:15, we get a phone call... DD was whinging and wouldn't stop.

    So turn the boat around and i head back up to the house. MIL was standing out on the verander trying to distract DD.

    I walked in, DD highchair wasn't set up, no lunch ready.

    So i set highchair up, got lunch ready, put DD in and gave her her lunch.

    Then i had to listen to MIL tell me alllllllllll the things she tried to do to settle her..... All i felt like doing was turning round and saying "did you read the list or listen to a word i said...FEED HER!" The explaination was still happening when we were saying good bye, and MIL kept saying to DD, "your such a naughty little girl, all smiles and laughs when mummy comes home." which ALMOST put me over the edge......

    I don't want to seem ungrateful, but IL's are constantly saying how they don't get to look after her and when we go into town how we don't need to take her with us we can leave her with them.... but EVERY and i mean EVERY time we do, we either get a phone call or return to a screaming baby.

    I could understand if i didn't explain things properly, but i have a TYPED 'MANUAL' as my DH calls it.
    I just don't know what else to do!

    and it really really really hit me on the way home, ending in tears as we were driving.
    I honestly feel like i will be the one and only person that will be able to look after our LO's until they go to kindy!
    I feel so trapped, like i have noone other than DH that is either willing or able to look after DD. and trust me she is the EASIEST baby on the planet!
    She lives for a routine, and as long as you follow it you will be more than fine!

    *sigh* i just don't know what to do...........

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    I could have written most of that word for word!
    DS is almost 1 so nobody thinks he needs a routine because he is 'still a baby'!
    He is so much happier with some structure, and such a happy baby when the routine is followed.
    I have some horror stories but I won't go into detail cause it's not about me.
    Maybe next time just try and stress the fact that it NEEDS to be followed.
    Once, I set the oven timer to go off when it was DS lunch time, so MIL wouldn't forget.
    My in laws think I'm anal or something because I have DS in a routine, but I don't care, now they stick to it because I made a big deal about it.

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    Just a thought but maybe your manual is a bit too long/indepth could you change it to a single page point form style instead?

    All the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thermolicious View Post
    Just a thought but maybe your manual is a bit too long/indepth could you change it to a single page point form style instead?

    All the best
    It is

    It is in point form, with just the time then what to do at that time.

    The only long bit is how to put her to sleep, and even that is in point form.

    ETA: the only reason is is 2 pages is cause it's in large font, making it even easier to read.......
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    This is my in law exactly
    And I don't like when she tells him he's naughty
    Children arent naughty
    Sometimes their behavior isn't good but language like that is upsetting to hear
    You are not alone in your battle for in laws to listen


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