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    Default Need help with this TTC business :)

    Hi All,

    Im new to all this so I need some help with what the deal is if possible.

    I went and saw a FS and he advised the following-

    Go get a blood test between day 2-5 of cycle (done)
    From day 7, start using ovulation tests
    Go for another blood test 7 days after surge or if no surge, go on cycle day 18.

    Now, my periods are an average of 24 days. He said that he would expect that I should ovulate between day 9-12.

    This is where I stuffed up. I started testing on day 7 but forgot to test on day 8 and 9 because I was at work. I tested again on day 10, 11 and 12 and have had negative results.

    So now my husband said I have to wait for the next cycle because I stuffed up with testing and that if i had a blood test on day 18 it would stuff up the results because I might have ovulated but because i forgot to test we dont know.

    So my question is, do I wait another month and start again or just go ahead with the blood test on day 18 as though I havent had the surge?

    ANy advice would be great


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    I don't think it would hurt getting the blood test on day 18. The test will show whether u have ovulated.

    When I've been to the FS, I've had blood tests on day 2, day 9, day 12 (showed I was about to ovulate) and day 14. They didn't tell me to use opk's only relied on blood tests as they're way more sensitive. Am going to take another one on day 20 to see what my progesterone level is
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