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    Toys stay in the play room, or if they are brought out then they have to be put back before they bring out another toy.

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    Unlearning behaviour is difficult but do-able.
    How about lots of praise for good behaviour, focussing on one thing at a time using a sticker system so that they work towards a reward instead of getting $ each time... It can even be get 10 stickers for a daily reward...
    Be strict about your expectations if them and stick to ur word with punishments/consequences u threaten them with...
    Don't worry about cleaning ur house as much for a while and play with the kids so u can be on their backs about putting things back as they use them and contribute to keeping ur home beautiful, especially the older ds. These are just some ideas..
    Good luck... U have a heck of a job ahead of u.. Especially with three..

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    a friend I know does two clean ups each day; one before lunch, and then one again just before dinner. She offers rewards once the clean up is done i.e. a tv show to watch, a yummy treat dessert after the meal, whatever it is that floats your kids' boat. Its a routine for her, the kids know that they pack up twice a day and they just get on with it now.
    As other posters have said, sanctions come into play if they refuse i.e. if Mum has to do the pack up, all the toys she picks up go into a big bag and get put away indefinitely until they can keep the place tidier.
    Good luck!!

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    Here are a few things I do:

    If it doesn't have a "place" it goes in the bin.

    If I walk past something on the floor or in the wrong place I put it away immediately. If DD has done has left it I ask her of she can put it away.

    I make DD clean up all her toys once she has finished playing, she also puts cups and plates in the kitchen once finished with them.

    For storage, I actually have a huge cupboard (bigger then my pantry) and all my "stuff" is in there. Like pens, notebooks, board games, some random stuff. Then I have tubs of DD craft thing in there.

    DDs toy room has 2 bookcases full of her toys and a massive entertainment unit which again of filled with toys, so once she has finished playing they all have "places".

    Every 12 months I go through the house of clothes and electricals, if it hasn't been used, it goes the charity.

    I'm actually going to do a huge clean out soon as I feel like I have too much "stuff" gathering

    The best way to keep clean is to constantly clean
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    My kids have a toy room & their own lounge area. All toys are to be kept in these areas or they get 'thrown away'

    I usually only clean up the toy room twice a week, i guess you could call it 'contained chaos' lol

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    Have less stuff available for them to make mess with.
    Have containers (even cardboard boxes) with different sets of stuff, train sets, blocks, play food, dressups, art box etc.

    Only get one box of stuff out at a time for them to play with, make sure they only do art/craft (messy stuff) at the kitchen table.

    No food in the bedrooms, only the kitchen, same with drinks.

    Put some of your DDs clothes away where she cant reach them, llike in your wardrobe.
    Have a few pairs of her fav things to play dress ups in her room.

    Declutter each room and chuck out unneeded stuff, or donate to the opshop.

    For my son we put a small rug out in the lounge and i choose a few things for him to play with each day and set them out for him.
    I also rotate his toys so i have a few large sacks of random toys that i bring out each month or so and bag up another sack to put away.

    As for the books, Id put half in a box under her bed and rotate them.

    As for shoes, I keep all DS pairs in the top of his wardrobe(where he cant reach) and just have his runners and gumboots out on a shoe rack.

    I use my linen cuboard to store board games, art/craft and other sets of things because DS cant just help himself to them as its too high.


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