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    Does anyone else find some labels confusing?
    Eg: my old cordial read "no artificial colours and no artificial flavours" but it has preservatives ( fair enough, it is allowed to as long as written on the back.
    However my natural confectionary lollies read the same, but they have no preservatives, so why wouldnt they state that on the front for advertising?
    Personally I ignore the "no X" and just read EVERY ingredient list, as many are very misleading. They'll say no MSG but it will have natural MSG, they'll say no artificial blah blah but will have colour made from sulphur which affect many. Nowadays we barely consume any processed food, but if we do I check every ingredient I don't know on the chemical maze app on my iPhone.

    It's really hard when you start, but once you get into it, you end up doing real quick and well.

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    Thought I'd post another update on us. This food intolerance journey is sure an in-depth and confusing one trying to work it all out. DD2 has been completely Failsafe now for almost 4 weeks. Had virtually no improvements disappointingly so decided to make an appt with a dietician to discuss and also look into whether to go gluten free as both DD and I are crossing off a lot of symptoms for gluten intolerance. Plus as we have been going FS, she has been eating more gluten and then behaving worse, plus now has the dark rings (allergic shiners perhaps?) under her eyes like I do too. She's never had them before now! Saw the dietician on Tuesday this week who suggested we get bloods done for gluten intolerance, then gradually start doing salicylate, amine and glutamate challenges to try and get these foods back into our diet before going possibly gluten free. Funnily enough just as we thought that failsafe wasnt working for us - looks like we might be hitting baseline!! Last 3 days have been awesome. DD hasnt been fighting me on any of the things she used to fight me on and is listening more. Today she has been super snuggly which she usually isnt and has even been singing!! Then just a little while ago came to me and said "Bed, Mum?" and just went down for her nap just like that with no fussing like normal. She has been unwell this week although seems better now so not sure whether its just that or whether it is the food elimination finally working but spoke to the dietician again who is happy to let us wait another week or 2 before challenging to see if we have indeed reached our happy spot again!!!

    On a related but separate topic. While our family has been mostly failsafe/additive free at home for DD's benefit, my husband and I have not neccessarily avoided eating out if we have been out and about of followed it super strictly however it looks like that might be all about to change for myself at least anyway. About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with an auto immune response thing, came out in a rash and hives and bleeding under my skin. Took a decent course of steroids to get it to go away but since then have seen no sign of it. Fast forward to this week and the day I went to the dietician for DD and I have the exact same rash back again (minus the bleeding), so straight off to the chemist for antihistamines for me. Next day it is even worse again - itching extremely, covered my legs, feet, hands, tummy and neck in hives. Another antihistamine and a trip to the dr for me. Due to it happening whenever the temperature drops Dr has suggested my vasculitis is flaring up again, causing cold induced uticaria and so I have another course of steroids to take to get on top of it before it gets as bad as last time. And I am sitting rugged up like an eskimo trying to not get cold so I dont get itchy again Anyway pouring over our food diaries this morning trying to see if there was any food link and I remember I had Red Rooster chicken and chips for dinner the night before the rash appeared. Hmmm I thought msg in the seasoning? Thought back to what I have eaten this week - its been a bad food week for me so junky as I have had a hectic week. Red Rooster, a McDonalds burger, a packet of chips, some ham. All most likely have flavour enhancers in them. Ribo Rash comes to my mind and the support group I joined online tells me the rash I have does very very much look like Ribo Rash, cause by those msg and flavour enhancers I think its 620 and 635 maybe? Makes a bit of sense - I've pretty much eaten none of this food for months now - then in one week have about 4 or 5 servings of it and then suddenly an auto-immune response that hasnt affected me in 10 years suddenly re-appears?! A little too "coincidence" for my liking. Spoke to dietician about it today and she thinks its quite likely a reaction. Looks like its full elimination diet for me too now. And a chat to the dr about it all on Tuesday when we go to get the results of our gluten testing done.

    Full on! Thats all I have to say on that matter....
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