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    Default Introducing Me!

    Hi All!

    clearly I'm new here, so thought I would introduce myself. I am 23 years old (close enough anyway) and mum to no-one. Hence my decion to join a forum. I need some support!!!!!

    In very early 2010 I headed to my local ER with severe pain in my left kidney and was given antibiotics for a UTI, which, I was smart enough to know that was NOT my issue, but decided not to make a scene, took my useless pills and left. a month later I was back with worse pains, and a different doctor saw me. I was there for about 6 hours as they poked, prodded, and tested to try and figure out what my issue was. In the end the doc decided to tell me I was 16 weeks pregnant, even though all tests came back negative, so he let me go with an appointment in 3 days to go have an US. Naturally, US did not show a baby. duh. It showed a 22cm 'cyst'. Wasn't TTc but heartbroken nontheless. So I was then diagnosed with a benign cyst, I cant remember the name of it but it was the type that they claim grows teeth and hair and stuff. Kind gross, but not scary. I'd had surgery before, not too bothered. The kidney pain was because the thing was so big it was crushing something that led to my left kidney, even though the 'cyst' was on the right ovary. Anyway I went on the end of a pretty long waiting list, I wasn't important, but I did stop in for a 3 monthly check ups and tests.

    One day, I was sitting on my porch, happily overlooking my beautiful paddocks and horses and my overly intelligent and completely deaf Dalmation took one sniff of my tummy, screamed at the top of her little lunges, and she cried and scratched at my tummy for well over an hour, I couldn't get rid of her she was extremely distressed, which got me wondering about my 'cyst'. That afternoon I got a call from the hospital with an urgent appointment for first thing next morning.

    The appointment was basically to inform me that my 'cyst' was in fact a relatively quick growing, malignant tumor that needed to be removed before it spread and killed me. The doc (a pretty lady by the name or Dr. Precious) booked me in for surgery before the week was out and two surgeries later, plenty of time in hospital and still with 3 monthly check ups I am left with one ovary and falopian tube, a *slightly* high ca125 count, mild endometriosis, an occasionally painful left kidney, and a LOT of pressure from my oncology docs to have my family so they can get rid of the rest of my precious womanhood :'(. Good thing I am ready and willing to have a baby, very keen and with a very excited fiance who is lucky enough to already have a little boy.

    So, since the day I started cycling properly in late 2010 I have been trying for a baby, with 2 early misarriages early on and one chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage in Feb 2012, I am pretty fed up!

    So now, back on cycle day two, setting everything up for another month of planning (big sigh!!), instructing the OH, and now sipping a disgusting cup of green tea, telling a bunch of strangers on a friendly-looking forum my life story in the hopes to get something out of it and hopefully benefit people in a similar situation to my own.

    So hello, and I look forward to spending some time learning about others stories, methods, and baby making ingredients!!


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    Hi and welcome! There are plenty of ttc ie trying to conceives , you will have plenty of support!


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