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    Default worried about weight in 11 month old

    My 11 month old dd was born at 3.175kg and now at 11 months only weighs 7.2kg. Its been a long journey till now have had issues with weightgain from day dot. At 3 months dr put her on one bottle of formula a day 2 get her fatter and things were slowly progressing. Between 6 months and 8 months she was gaining 100grams a week. So we thought all was going well she was gaining consistently. Weighed her at 11 months and she has put on a measly 870 grams in 13 weeks. She is eating three meals a day still breastfed in the morning but only has one bottle of formula at lunch and then refuses any other milk but will drink water. She sleeps all night and has just started crawling and walking along furniture. With her getting mobile i am worried she may lose weight or gain even less. Shes still not even heavy enough 2 turn in her carseat! So just wondering should i be worried? I have heard they are meant to triple there birthweight by twelve months? My partner and i are shortish but this seems a bit extreme!

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    My DD was 6 kgs at 12 months. She is just small. She ate well, had wet and dirty nappies and was healthy. She has been labelled failure to thrive by one GP but thriving by another! She was diagnosed with leaky gut and after we changed her diet she gained more weight. However at nearly 3 years of age she only weighs 12 kgs. I make sure she gets lots of protein and healthy fats, then carbs for energy. She was comp feed from birth until 9 months then 100% formula from then as I ran out of EBM, went back to work and my milk dried up.

    All babies are different. If you are worried see a GP for a referal to a peas. Just be prepared that the referral will most likely be due to failure to thrive even though your little one might be completely healthy and thriving. I found our best combination was a local MHCN and a naturopath who was also a dietician.

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    My DD was just under 8 kgs at 12 months. She has reflux and cows milk intolerance and didn't start to put on decent amounts of weight until about 15 months when she really started eating solids. At 27 months she's 11.5kgs now. We turned her seat at 21 months when we needed to fit in a capsule for her baby brother, but she still could be fear-facing if we wanted her to.

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    Your DD sonds like she has followed a similar path to my DD. How is she otherwise? Is she alert and active? Does she have wet nappies? How does she eat? My DD was born on the 50th percentile and at a few months dropped down to the 5th percentile. She was exclusively breastfed at the time but fortunately I had a really good LC/CHN who gave me strategies to use that wouldn't compromise bf'ing. This included breast compressions when feeding, feeding bottles of ebm and taking supplements to boost supply. Now that your DD is active she will be burning more calories. Perhaps some higher calorie food such as avocados might help? I know there are other foods that might help but I don't know what they are but I'm sure some other hubbers might.

    ETA: Remember it takes the big ones and the little ones to make the average sized ones.


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