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    Default Freaking out in birth suite and nightmares

    I want to hear from anyone diagnosed or think hey might have Post dramatic stress disorder,

    I have 3 bubs, The first was the traumatic intervention vacuum posterior VB 10 years ago, 2nd was ok and 3rd was a csection recently because of injuries and fear from first birth. I always had negative thoughts about my births but only due to ongoing issues from tearing, and hearing others positive experiences triggered feelings but it didnt consume my thoughts.

    A few weeks ago a friend had a baby and I had to visit her in birthing suite. I had been there in my pregnancy for monitoring and was ok.
    This time I freaked out while waiting at the desk my heart was racing as the midwives bustled around chatting about epidurals, I looked at the whiteboard that had something written about vacuum extraction and felt dizzy. In the suite I had an out of body feeling and kept looking at the bed and seeing myself there. As I walked out a training midwife was learning about spotting a posterior baby, the very thing that caused my traumatic birth because the doctor let me push for 3 hours before calling another doctor who said baby was posterior and proceeded to tell off the first doctor in front of me! (bit of vent there)

    Since then nightmares started, sometimes I am giving birth, other times a csection, but they seem to relate to not trusting the care. I wake up with a headache! During the day I am good as long as I dont see birth shows on TV or hear about someone giving birth. Im worried if the birth suite experience triggered something and if it might get worse.

    Has anyone freaked out revisiting the hospital? Did it affect you after?
    If and how you get past the thoughts, flashbacks?
    Who if anyone helped you?
    If you tried counselling, who did u go to? (midwife/counsellor)

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    I have PTSD from the traumatic death of my sister in 2007. I gave birth a few weeks later. I was in bed one evening in hospital and felt a gush of blood down there and I went in to the biggest panic that I thought I was going to die (I had watched my sisters bowels explode from her sorry for the tmi) I thought what happened to my sister was happening to me

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    I would call your hospital and ask to speak to the social worker and find out if they can recommend a trauma counsellor. If they can't then google 'find a psychologist' and go to the psychology.org.au site. Put in the required info and you should be able to find someone who can work with PTSD. Call them and ask if they have experience with women who have your history. I have PTSd but not related to birthing and I found it very helpful to nut it out with someone.

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    Yes I was dx'd with PND and PTSD after my son's birth in 2007. I saw a psychologist when he was about 6 months old as I was replaying events 24/7 in my head about the birth. I did have to revisit the hospital a couple times post birth and was very very uncomfortable and nervous as all hell. My PTSD symptoms were fixation on the birth, replaying it in my head, nightmares, out of body experience during labour, crying at any thoughts of birth, pregnancy etc and fixation on an unrelated matter (a girl was murdered a few months after my son was born, she lived in the same small town as where I was living at that time. I didn't know her, but my brain fixated in her, her murder, everything about it basically.)

    Time and my psychologist helped, as did the validation I received from the women at "Birthtalk.org " :-)

    ***Happy to be a Mummy & Daddy of ONE! :-) ***


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