Hi ladies,

I'm 9 weeks pregnant with baby number two and am just wondering if anyone has had a VBAC with Anna Holmes and their thoughts? I keep hearing she is pro VBAC, but have not heard of anyone who has gone through that with her.

My first baby was born via CS. Anna was my OB, and well despite wanting a natural water birth, I only every dilated to 3cm, so 24 hours after my waters had broken my time was up, I was exhausted, and we agreed to have a CS.

After this birth Anna booked me in for pelvamentry and told me I have a small pelvis and I would have to have any future babies via CS. I am not keen on the idea and would very much like to try a VBAC, but I don't want to have to fight her the whole way. BUT I want her as my OB because she did such a fantastic job of my CS, that my recovery was a breeze. I was up and about 8 hours later, had hardly any pain, and just generally felt fantastic for someone who had just had major surgery. There is something about 'better the devil you know' in there I'm sure.

SO I guess, I want to go see her for the first time prepared, I want to be able to make a good argument as to why she should let me try. I don't want to be brow beaten into agreeing to a CS that I don't want. If I've tried and it comes down to CS again, well at least I've tried, I can be happy with that. But if I just agree to the CS I'll feel like I'm cheating, that I'm taking the easy road. AND I do have concerns that if I want to have a 3rd child, 2CS will further complicate things.

SO anyones thoughts, advice, opinions and ideas would be very much appreciated