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    Default Bottled water vs filtered water - warm vs room temp?

    Ok, so my son is 11 so it's been a while since i've had to think about this and things seem to have changed a lot... i've seen and heard a few different things since he was a baby... so i need a refresh and i need to know what is recommended now compared to 11 years ago....

    I used to use cooled boiled water for his formula and water drinks, when the water was cool, id put the water bottle in the fridge until i needed it, then i would make his formula in a bottle and warm it up a little in the microwave... I used to only make a few bottles at a time because i was told not to make more than he would use in 24 hours...

    My sister, whos daughter is 3, used just filtered water and left the water jug on the bench at room temperature and would make a bottle up as she needed it... she wouldn't warm it up, she just left it at room temperature... I also know another mum and although she breastfed she used filtered water for water drinks...

    Advice anyone?

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    When I had to stop BF I used a filtered jug that I filled with water I boiled in the jug and would warm the water because it was in the middle of winter and freezing where we were.
    If it was summer I don't think I would have heated them TBH. There were a few times we got stuck somewhere we couldn't heat bottles and they put up a fuss about drinking it.

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    I used cooled boiled water. I would put the water straight into sterilsed bottles and leave them on the kitchen bench till I needed them.

    We have a filter permanently attached to our kitchen cold water so the water was filtered.


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