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    Default I am back from Thailand!

    well I am home after a week in Thailand for my Biatch..I mean sisters wedding.

    Holy freaking cow..what a week.
    The rest of this thread is basically a huge vent and moan about the entire holiday so please feel free to stop here..
    It is full of self pity and whining.

    Day 1!
    I arrived in phuket and my ears would not pop after the flight. I went through immigration with limited hearing. My ears hurt!
    I got a cab to the accomodation...it took 50 mins. Went to bed and had a great sleep.

    Day 2.
    Phuket was hot. and smelly.
    We were told to meet in lobby at midday.

    Got to lobby and after 1 hour of waiting for irish people, the bus left for the ferry...1 hour on a bus..and here is where it got *****y.

    My sister married an irish guy and so it was all of his friends and family and hers. No one was introduced and the irish took one side of the bus and said..territory has been claimed.

    Off to the ferry ..get on for a nice 2 hour boat trip to Phi Phi. It was 38 and so hot. The irish girls claimed the upstairs and the rest of us went down stairs...it was awful. Hot and sticky and constantly moving.

    Got to Phi Phi for a 20 min walk to the accomodation.
    It was all actually ok ...still no introductions and so it was a little us and them.

    The hens night.

    we all started to get ready for the hens. My sister wanted something special. so we organised a dinner. We had all bought something to dress her up in...untill the SIL and MIL announced they had bought matching outfits for the bride and themselves.
    T shirts that said, bride, sil and MIL....

    It felt a little nasty that they didnt ask me. I was the only one from my family.

    So we dressed her up and went to dinner. The irish had now stopped talking to me all together and as I was almost completely deaf, I let it go.

    We went to dinner.
    there was 25 of us.

    We had a great time, truth and dare and loads of drink. still not being spoken too.

    Sucked it up and kept going.
    towards the end, 5 of the irish girls got up to go check on their sick friend.
    1 and a half hours later, they were nto back and we needed to pay the bill...so we decided to walk back and get them.

    Found them at the hotel and got them to come back.

    Then we started to walk to the beach..OMG, some god for saken awful place full of women in no clothes and men peeing into the sea!
    But it was perfect for a hens.

    So I got in to it, dancing, drinking and just having a ball.

    Till....my sister decided its now time to ruin it.
    She comes up to me and asks me how I am and then tells me how I have ruined her hens night and she wishes I wasnt there...
    I asked her what I did and she said, I went and got the irish girls and it ****ed her and her MIL off and she was so angry..then she said, I will talk to you about it tomorrow.

    I was in shock..and wanted to leave...she said to me if you leave, you will make it worse.

    So stuck. Not really in the mood to party and just want to go home.

    another bridesmaid came towards me in tears, she had attacked her too.
    We walked home and went to bed.

    the next day she pretended it didnt happen and I vowed, just to get through.

    She organised a speed boat to take her to the next hotel, 2 hours away.
    I asked her about it and she said, there was no room.
    so me and one other girl got the ferry which took 2.5 hours and then a tuk tuk for an hour.

    Got to the hotel, emotional and tired.

    That night my older sister arrived and we had a night and morning of bliss.

    inifinity pools and room service.

    My stepdad had been put in the room above me, but it was ok as I had my sister. ( my stepdad and I do not talk due to abuse of me as a child.)

    The next day was the wedding.
    I got so sick that morning. My ears were still blocked but now in massive pain.
    But was determined to get through.

    So we all went to my sisters to get ready. was all ok...till she started to give out pressies to the bridesmaid, she handed each one a little box of earings and a candle..she turned to me and said..sorry a friend lost yours, and laughed..

    was so hurt, more about how she told me.

    her friend sent her hubby in to town who found some earings for me.

    we went down to the wedding. I was feeling so out of it from my ears.
    We had run through the order so many times, but the SIL stood in first position as maid of honor. This was my title and I was moved to the end. I was pretty over it by now and just let it go.

    Got to the reception....and wow..
    Just freaking bloody wow.

    There is a bridal table...it has the bride and groom and his parents and me and my stepdad. no one else next to me, just the man who abused me.

    I shut down.

    She asked me if I was having fun and I said, um...its pretty awful that you sat me here. she said I was ruining her day and it wasnt that bad.

    I did my speech. I went home to bed.

    The next day i was sick in bed with a temp over 40.
    I rang my sister and told her I would be leaving the next day at 12.

    She said, oh wow ok will call me and I will see if I can make it to reception to say bye..
    I made a joke and said ..what you need permission?
    she said no I will be tired.

    The whole thing was awful. I never spoke to her irish friends or family. The whole thing was disconnected and awful.

    I left at midday..It took me 5.5 hours to get to Phuket and then 9 hours flying via singapore.

    I am home...I am so sick and my ear is bleeding but I am home.

    thanks for listening to me guys.

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    I just read the whole thing, I'm sorry you had such an terrible time, It sounds like a crappy trip and not very nice of your sister to do that xo Hope you start to feel better

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    I am so sorry you had such a horrible time!! You were treated awfully in my opinion. To sit you with your step father shows unspeakable insensitivity, lack of insight and lack of empathy.

    Have you seen someone about your ear?

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    *big hugs*

    rest up and get better

    at least it was just you and you didn't have to worry about your children being there also.
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    Gosh that sounds absolutely horrendous

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    Oh hun what a horrid experience. I am glad you back home with the people who love and care for you. I hope our ear heals fast.

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    Huge huge hugs. I really want to smack her one and tell her where to go on your behalf

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    Oh you poor thing! That sounds absolutely awful! is your sister always like this, or is this out of character????????

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    I'm sorry babe but your sister is a b!tvh

    your an amazing person! I'd have told her where to go before the wedding when she was being a cow to you.

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    Woah that sounds just awful from start to finish

    Do you eat chocolate?
    Time for a long weekend of self indulgence I think

    Have a great Easter

    eta - and have that ear looked at asap!


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