Newbie here... Sorry if I have the abbrev all wrong and waffle on too much!Me 34 DH 37 DS 2.5
1st child conceived with 1st go of OvInduction and Timed IC 3yrs ago. (wasnt having period/ovulating on own etc). Was on Metformin then - lean PCOS mild only.
Since then regular periods 32 days, and ovulating.
Natural pregnancy 6m ago , then Miscarriage at 5w.
After miscarriage didnt want to waste time so Went back to FS so he could monitor everything etc. Last month on 3rd round Ov.Induction, BFP, low prog found at 4w, pessaries prescribed, then 5w abdo pain, 7w conf Ectopic - with Right Tube removed laparoscopically. (Also mild Endo found on/near Bowel - FS says this shouldt affect things for now).
FS has recommended that we just go onto IVF and not waste time, however that Ov Induction is still option if we want to try??
Obviously now I have increased chance of another Ectopic. - Dont want to go down that road again!!!
However apparently IVF doesnt rule out Ectopic, as Egg can float back up remaining tube. (If IVF ruled out Ectopic all together I would have chosen that option straight away.)
So my main aim is to try and get BFP asap, without Ectopic. Just not sure which way to go.
So please anyone with advise/expriences with same scenario etc they can share would be appreciated.
Also anyone have the % on chances of another Ectopic going via IVF Vs Ovul Induction???

THank you in advice for your advice.