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    DS is 15 and a half months. Has 2 breastfeeds a day, night and early morning.

    He goes to bed around 7.30Pm, either boobs to sleep or cuddled or patted to sleep.

    Usually wakes for a feed around 4am then back to sleep til around 6.30-7. Very occasionally skips the early wake, sleeps through til 5.30-6am and has a feed then up for the day. About half the time he will need a cuddle and resettle in the first couple of hours after he goes down in the evening.

    Breakfast 7.30 ish, morning tea while out and about usually.

    Nap around 11.30 am after some soy milk in sippy cup. Naps 2-2.5 hours.

    Lunch when wakes up, dinner 5.30. Bath 6.30 then boob and bed at 7-7.30.

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    DD2 is 18 months and for the past 4 months her routine has been the same.

    7ish - awake, breakfast (bowl of porridge with mashed banana)
    Bit of tv, inside play
    9 - morning tea (fruit), silly cup of milk
    Outside play/walk the dog and play at playground
    11 - lunch (warm meal, usually leftovers from previous night's dinner)
    1145 - settle for day nap. Goes to sleep by herself. If over tired might need a bit of a cuddle to get to sleep. Will usually sleep for 1.5 hrs.
    2 - drink of milk
    3 - afternoon tea (bowl of Greek yoghurt)
    4- 530 outside play, lots of physical activity
    6 - dinner, shower/bath
    645 - pjs, sippy cup of milk, story
    Sometimes cuddled to sleep, sometimes goes to sleep by herself.
    7/730 asleep

    All this is a loose routine! If she hasnt slept well during the night she may have her routine pulled forward and sleep longer during the day. If she wakes during the night we attend to her, cuddle her to settle or to sleep. She has a snuggle toy that she takes to bed which is a wonderful sleep cue:

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    My daughter is now two but at 15months our day went something like this

    9:30am wake up and breakfast
    Feed and play feed and play
    11am snack
    Feed and play feed and play
    1:00 lunch
    Feed and play feed and play
    4:00 snack
    Feed and play feed and play
    6:45 dinner
    7:30 bath
    Feed and play feed and snuggle until
    9-9:30 we both went to bed
    Over night she would wake between 1-12 times until I cut out feeding her, I just snuggled her and talked to her soothingly instead of feeding her

    She did not sleep during the day at all past 6months and now at 2 still won't and if she has an hour during the day in the car or something she won't go to bed until an hour later than normal :-S

    Your bubba sounds perfectly fine to me and I think you could cut the feeds down during the night if you wanted to (I started by not feeding her more than every 2 hours, than 3 ect until it got to the stage where I wouldn't feed her until the sun was up)

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    My DD is 15 months, and this is a basic outline of our day. We usually go out in the mornings between 9 - 11:30 ish, and usually try to go for a walk about 4:30.

    7 - 7:30 - DD wakes up & has some milk
    8 - Breakfast
    10 - Morning tea
    11:45 - Lunch
    12:30 - Milk & story
    12:45 - Nap (Usually 2 - 2.5 hours)
    4 - Afternoon tea
    6 - Dinner
    6:30 - Bath & quiet time
    7:10 - Milk & story
    7:20 - Bed time

    She usually sleeps 12 hours overnight & doesn't wake up, unless in unusual circumstances (like that she is sick). She still has her milk in a bottle, & has done so since she weaned from breastfeeding at 12 months. I think she probably needs to start drinking it from a cup, but I really am quite happy with her routine at the moment, so I don't want to go messing around with things too much and changing it! I have this irrational fear that if I don't give her a bottle of milk before bed, she won't sleep well at night, lol. Don't know why!


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