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    Default I need to lose weight...

    Hi everyone!
    I thought i could ask some help here... I need to lose weight, 10 kgs exactly before August 12, i still have time i think but the past 3 months i tried to diet and fail pretty bad.
    I realised that i don't know how to diet, i put on lot of weight during my pregnancy and stopped smoking while TTC and still hasn't smoked (nearly 2 years now!!!). I managed to lose weight by exercising and watching my food but those last 10 kgs are very difficult...
    Where should i start? seeing a nutritionist or dietician? Someone recommend a type of diet? anyone share their stories? i heard the protein shakes are good?
    I feel not good in my skin and my DH is worried.
    THANK YOU so much for reading this,

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    have you tried the 'calorie king' website? I found it great for tracking food and exercise. I also invested in kitchen scales to weigh everything and get correct portion sizes.
    I'd also suggest HIIT (high intensity interval training) as a great way to shake things up.
    I've had great results in the past with the above, and will be using them again after bellyfruit arrives

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    I hit a weight last year I wasn't happy with in October and wanted to drop 6kg. I was (embarrassingly or not) watching Dr Phil and saw him recommend the 17 day diet by dr mike Moreno(?). Researched it and thought this was something I could give go (having never done an official diet bar a few weeks on lite and easy). My husband and I started pretty much straight away and I have lost 9kg and he over 15kg (he does lots more running tho). I can say for us it worked well, was easy and fitted in with our lifestyle. If you're a vegetarian tho could be harder. We live by the principles now and feel great. Oh and you will want to like eggs!!

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    I have done the csiro total well being diet a few times over the last 7yrs (it's available at bookstores and prob online). It's a 12week healthy eating program with all the recipes included. Each time I've been able to lose the weight I want, the weight has only crept back on when I started working away a lot and had rich restaurant meals.

    The pros- I consider the food to be not different from what would normally eat, the difference was the serve size and the ratio between protein:carbs:veg at meals.
    You can eat out, you just roughly follow the ratios and serve size.
    You cook it yourself so it's not highly processed.
    I didn't feel hungry.

    The cons- it can be expensive as you're eating more meat than most women are used to (DP loved it as he loves meat).
    The recipes are for 4ppl so you either halve it or you freeze some and repeat the day (I.e. each day has the same calories so you can swap them or do the same day twice)

    What I did different- I had 1 free day a week instead of doing all 7days. I still lost 500g per week/2kg a month (I was already on the healthy weight range so only wanted to lose 5kg)


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