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    Default 4 month old; should i stop the dreamfeed?

    My daughter is almost 4.5 months old, and bottle fed. She feeds every 4 hours during the day, bed time between 6 and 7 (depending how much sleep she has had during the day), so she has her last feed anywhere from 6-630. I have been giving her a dreamfeed at 1030 from about 6 weeks old, she usually wakes up somewhere around 3, I feed her again and she goes straight back to sleep, then usually wakes up again at 530. I resettle her and try and get her to sleep until 7ish (with a dummy. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt). I then feed her at 7 - but she wont drink any more than say 20ml! So shes not even hungry really. I thought introducing solids may help so I have gradually given her Farex over the last 2-3 weeks and some apple, sweet potato and carrot (she LOVES her vegies, not fussed on farex though!. So my question is...if I drop the dream feed, will she be more inclined to have her 'breakfast' bottle? I dont mind getting up in the middle of the night to feed her (I actually like it! But I am lucky its usually only once), but I'm wondering if maybe she doesnt need the dream feed anymore...hmmm???

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    My DD is 6 months and she still gets a dream feed every night. I guess the only way you will know is stop the dream feed for a few days and see what happens.


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