Hi there

Blaze Advertising would like to invite female confectionary consumers to participate in an interesting online discussion board survey.

So, if you have purchased 2 or more packets of confectionary (sweets, lollies, candies, etc) in the last month, we would love to hear from you.

Please send an email to: research.sydney@blazeadvertising.com.au by 1pm on Tuesday 10th April if you are interested, and please tell us:
  • Your age range (A, B, or C)?
    • A (18-24)
    • B (25-49)
    • C (50 plus)
  • Where you live (city and state)?
  • How many children, if any, do you buy groceries for?
We will get back to you by 5pm on Tuesday 10th April if you are selected, and provide you with our contact details, the URL for the discussion group, and your participant code.

You will need to log on to the discussion group a couple of times every day over the next 3 days (Wed 11th - Fri 13th April) and join in the discussion.

You will also need to go to your local Coles store and purchase two items of confectionary (we will advise you which brand to purchase closer to the time), at a cost to you of $5.

The discussion forum will close at 5pm on Friday 8th April, following which we will send you a cheque for $100 for your participation and contribution.

Many thanks – we look forward to hearing from you.