Hi everyone, I have watched this thread with great interest as I am now 4 weeks pp having had an episiotomy and ventous extraction. Apart from feeling tight and tender to sit on or walk, I wouldn't say my stitches throbbed or were sore exactly, and they only itched a little bit around the 2 - 3 week pp mark. I haven't been game enough to look and see if the stitches are dissolved yet (not will I let DH go near them as I fear it will freak him out), but they 'feel' like they have dissolved and I am not sore at all in that area.

Our poor little bub has reflux and is rather unsettled most of the time so during the week me and LO have to sleep in another room so DH can get enough sleep to go to work, and I can honestly say that I am desperately missing that closeness with him and am interested to know how long everyone else waited before DTD again... I honestly didn't think I would feel like jumping back into 'relations' (that's what the MW referred to it as LOL) so soon after giving birth but I sure do! Good to know there are others out there like me